Big Brother 14


So the newest season of Big Brother is just a few weeks away!! I’m so excited! I love Big Brother! I get the feeds every year. I started watching BB during season 9, yeah I know many of you are thinking there is something wrong with me 😀 I loved BB9 the feeds were excellent, they were always entertaining!! There was never a dull moment from Chelsia smashing the eggs and saying Happy Birthday Jesus to Natalie and Josh running around the house blessing it, it was never dull never boring, they kept feed watchers entertained! So BB9 was my first year watching BB, and I got to see the feeds that year, I’ve been hooked ever since then!!

So this time of year is always exciting to me! There are all kinds of rumors swirling about the twists we can expect this year, so are rather annoying to hear and see over and over again, but I ‘love it! One of the things you can expect is expect the unexpected, yeah it’s the theme to BB, and we hear it every year, but more often than not in the last few years, I’ve been let down by their “twists”, last year I was very angry when Brenchel came back into the house!! Geez one year of Rachel screaming about nobody coming between her and her man was enough!! I couldn’t wait to see how Dick reacted and acted towards Rachel, Brendon and the rest of the cast, alas that is not a dream that was seen. Whoever watched BB last year know that Dick left before the feeds even came on! This year I am hoping that no one will be returning, but that may not happen 😦

What are the rumors I have been seeing and hearing? Well they range from BB14 is going to be an All Stars season, that I’m not too excited about, I mean last year we pretty much had an all stars season and it sucked! Another rumor is that BB HG of the past will return and be “mentors” to the current HG, but that they can’t actually win the game or be evicted, I’m not sure how I feel about that idea, but who would agree to do that? I mean hey come on lets waste your summer, you can’t win half a million dollars, but come on into the house and let the world watch you!! There are many other rumors out there right now, none of which excite me very much!

One thing that has been confirmed is that this years BB will have the most house guests than ever! Also there will be 4 huge twists! I am excited but trying to hold that back, because every year I’m disappointed by the “twists” they announce. We also got our first peak inside the house! Looks like a space room, and it also looks like it’s in the bathroom.

Here is the Newest commercial!

I can’t wait till they reveal the HGs, and I will write about them once they are revealed. So check back here July 2 and see who will be playing Big Brother this year!

Edited today 6/27/2012 …… to add this, it’s the newest commercial CBS is showing!

I can’t wait!! Oh and I put little into the rumors that are coming out now, but we don’t have long to wait July 2 is the day I am waiting for!


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