I am 32 years old live in Louisiana, and I’m a mom to 2 kids. I hope you enjoy, I hope I can keep this thing going!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello–

    We are a group of six 8th grade students from Eastern Middle
    School in Silver Spring, Maryland. We were interested in using your image, security image from Columbine tapes,in our school project, which is a documentary about mental health.

    Thank you for your time–
    Mika Yatsuhashi

    • I kept coming across your blog and thank you for gathering this information.Its a travesty, a crying shame that poor little girl was left, no make that sentenced to thos horrible low life scumbags to raise her. I wouldnt leave my second cousins dog with those people. Now Ive seen what drugs can do to people living in a small town, Lake Cowichan BC Canada and yes we unfortunately have our share of “winners” here but not like them. Are there no laws,no follow ups when kids are clearly at the mercy of severely addicted parents? I find it so strange that this happened in the US, please no offence, we up here hear rhetoric about so having kids kept in the care, if one can call it that, of cracker/pill heads how come nothing has come up? Again, thanks for keeping Hayleigh’s memory alive. Very sad case, wish there was something could do to help.
      Michelle B

  2. You really need to do your research on fracking. Like most, you’re absolutely clueless. I mean, seriously, you ought to be ashamed how you can know so little yet have such strong opinions about a subject. You need to spend more time in the classroom and less time on a blog spouting off about crap you know nothing about. Gasland has been debunked. It’s fraudulent. Fracking is bad? Really, genius. Did you know the industry has been doing it for about 100 years? Learn something. Less talking, more reading. That should be your motto.

    • Who paid you to come make your comments on my blog? Well anyway you have your opinion and I have mine, Fracking is bad, and I really don’t care what you say about how “safe” it is, people are still able to light their water!!

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