Haleigh Cummings, Eight years Later, Still Missing #HaleighCummings

I was going to write up a new post on this but figured I would just use the one I wrote a years ago. Saturday February 9 marks, eight years since Haleigh Cummings was last seen alive. I remember waking up on the 10 of February and finding out there was a missing child in Florida, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I watched the report, but other than that I really didn’t pay much attention, I went about my day.

In March I was watching the Today show, and Ron and Misty Cummings were on there, they were talking about their new marriage, I got a bad feeling coming from BOTH of them, and that feeling hasn’t left. Then I remembered watching that missing child report coming out the day after my birthday!! Here is a video of that segment I watched, I know there are better out there but they won’t embed! 😉

In this video I think Ron is lying!! You can see him smirk a few times! Misty is obviously lying! She even looks at him for help in answering WHY she can’t answer any of their question consistently!! I knew after watching that ……..  that Haleigh was gone and that her dad and her new step-mom/babysitter probably did it, and that feeling has never left!

This soon became an obsession, I needed to find out what they did to that little girl. I went online and searched, and searched and searched for more information about this couple, and about Haleigh’s mom. Didn’t find much except that they are both druggies 😦 They have been in jail for a couple years now, so all info has kinda dried up and has turned into NO info!

There is nothing new I can add to her being missing, except a couple articles that have come out to mark the 4 year anniversary :

Relative of Haleigh Cummings challenges Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy to find the girl

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. — Haleigh Cummings’ great-grandmother has a room dedicated to the missing girl.

“She never leaves my mind,” said Annette Sykes as she pointed to Christmas presents she still buys for Haleigh, hoping to give them to her one day.

“It’s been four years since she’s been gone,” Sykes cried.

When then-five-year-old Haleigh disappeared from her Putnam County home in Satsuma in the middle of the night in February 2009, Sheriff Jeff Hardy had just been elected.

“It was my first month in office,” he recalled. “I didn’t even have business cards, and I had all the national media descend upon Putnam County.”

There is a video there of Haleigh’s grandmother talking about her, she is angry that no one has come forward with information. I just would like to say had she and her daughter Teresa Neves not coddled coerced ……. and said Misty is the best >puke< girlfriend Ron has ever had, in the beginning …………… we may know today what happened on the awful night 4 years ago.

4 years since Haleigh Cummings disappeared

Saturday marks 4 years since 5-year-old girl was last seen alive

“The child was reported missing, not reported dead,” Jefferson said. “But right now she’s presumed dead because she’s not showed up anywhere. They have not found the body.”

Two years ago, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying, “The ongoing investigation has minimized the likelihood that Haleigh’s disappearance is the work of a stranger.”

They said those who know what happened still won’t tell investigators, even after several interviews with who may have been at the home the night Haleigh disappeared. Those people include Misty Croslin, Misty’s brother, cousin and maybe two others.

“The good thing about cold case homicide is that there is no statute of limitations,” Jefferson said. “They can always re-investigate and continue to follow up leads and do their due diligence with it.”

New image of Haleigh Cummings released

I’m hoping this is GOOD news!!

The case has not gone cold. Investigators are following up on a new tip that they received just last week.


Well it’s that time of year again. Today is my birthday, but it is also the day a young life was cut short. Today is the last day Haleigh Cummings was reported to have been seen alive it has been 3 long years since she was seen playing, laughing and smiling

Let’s go back to that day, on February 9th, 2009 Haleigh went to school like any other day, well maybe unlike any other day, because we now know her father was in trouble for letting her miss too many days ……. anyway Haleigh goes to school, the school day progresses as normal. Dismissal time Haleigh gets on the school bus to drive home, I’m not sure if she ever made it there. You see this is when the lies start, Misty picked her up, no Ron picked her up, no it was Misty, Ron …… blah blah blah, if we find out who actually picked this little girl up, I think we’d find her killer.

According to the story that we have been told the evening goes as any other evening. Ronald had started working the evening shift at work, so as far as we know he “wuz et werk”!!!! Misty’s brother Tommy Croslin, pictured below left.comes over they are outside smoking a joint, Haleigh is riding her bike “popping wheelies”

I’m not really sure how one would pop or attempt to pop a wheelie on a bike with training wheels.

The AC repairman is at the house etc………. Misty’s brother at some point leaves and it’s just Misty,  Haleigh and Haleigh’s little brother at home alone. At some point Ron’s grandma, pictured below…

Haleigh’s great-grandmother and someone who was with her …. ?? came over to bring some clothes, she says Haleigh was alive and was on the porch eating dinner.

At 8:00 Misty puts the kids to bed, “cause Haleigh had school and it’s her bedtime”. Misty starts washing clothes, because the weekend before her and Ron were fighting and she was out having a weekend filled with drugs and sex, at some point during the weekend Haleigh had peed in the bed, and Misty now has to wash the pee blanket. 10:00 Misty claims she went to sleep, both children are sleeping in the room with her, Haleigh is on a little mattress beside the mattress Misty was sleeping on.

At 3am Misty woke up, because she needed a sip of water, or go to the bathroom, or whatever it was Misty was doing at 3am, she walks past the kitchen and discovers the door is ajar, and it’s propped open with a cinder block, she goes back into the bedroom and discovers that Haleigh is gone. At the same time Ron is getting off of werk, and is making his way home, he stops at a convenience store and buys a pack of cigarettes, some peanuts and beer. Ron returns home learns his daughter is missing and they called 911.

Since the events of that night we have learned a little too much about the family, they are all drug heads! All of the major players in the case are in jail right now serving time for drugs, they were given the maximum sentence allowable by law, which is much better than they should get considering a little girl is still missing, but I guess they would take that over a murder charge any day!

Here are some of the players in this case:

Crystal Sheffield

Haleigh’s mom

When I first started to follow the case I wanted to know who she was, and where was she, why did Ron have custody of the kids, why she didn’t have custody of the kids?! I think there are many factors at play here, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t have her kids due to a combination of Ron and his family lying to her and her own drug use.  I can’t blame her for taking a few pills right after Haleigh went missing. 😦 Currently she has custody of Haleigh’s little brother. I’m sure she is in deep pain today, and I wish her the best.

This is a poem Crystal wrote to Haleigh on her birthday

You can click on any picture to make it to make it bigger

Misty Croslin

What’s there to say about Misty? She was the 17 year old lover/babysitter/wife/ex-wife/on again/off again girlfriend/drug buddy whatever you want to call her of Ronald Cummings. Misty came from a broken home, she seems to have been raising herself for some years before she met Ron, and drugs were involved there also. Misty’s story of the night Haleigh disappeared kept changing, she had many inconsistencies in her story. Misty says she looked under the beds, what?? The beds were mattresses on the floor!!!! I really do think this girl knows more about what happened to Haleigh, but she’s not going to talk! Shortly after Haleigh was missing she married Haleigh’s dad, Ronald Cummings, they were divorced shortly later. Misty took a lie detector test and miserably failed it! She said they got married because it’s what Haleigh would have wanted :/ I don’t know if Misty left the house that night and expected to return to find 2 sleeping kids or what, but I do know that there is a part of the story she is leaving out! She was sentenced to 25 years in jail on drug charges.

Ronald Cummings

Haleigh’s dad, I don’t like him!!! I think he is a liar and a con… He has gotten away with so much in his life, I wouldn’t put it past him to think he could get away with murder. Ron grew up with his grandmother raising him. Again drugs are prevalent he has been arrested multiple times for possession of drugs including heroine and GHB…. the date rape drug, but those charges were dropped and nothing ever happened to him. He was awarded custody of the kids after he lied to Crystal about where or when the hearing was…. I’m not sure the whole story behind that …. but at the hearing he said his mother would help him take care of the children, and he got them. He told the 911 operator he had “better people to talk to”, and hung up!!!!! Like who, who better could you have to talk to when your child is MISSING?? He has never really looked for Haleigh and seemed to welcome the spotlight and “celebrity” that came with being the father of a missing child. He is a liar and a drug user and seller, and has a long history of Child Protective Service being involved with raising his two kids. He is violent and abusive to woman and possibly his children. He likes young girls, even got another young girl pregnant, she now has a child with special needs. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, for drug charges, he seems to be taking to prison quite nicely even got a few new tattoos.

Teresa Neves

Ronald’s mother and Haleigh’s grandmother, and another one I don’t like at all!! She comes off as  phoney to me every time I’ve ever seen her on TV!! Firstly I have a real big problem with how quickly she arrived at the mobile home the night Haleigh vanished, and she brought and 8×10 school picture of Haleigh to boot!! That story seems a little contrived to me……. Anyway she is Haleigh’s grandmother and according to her everything is Misty’s fault!! She seems like a mother who has never and will never hold her own child responsible for his own actions. As I’ve pointed out above Ron was arrested multiple times for possession of drugs, and each time his record was cleared, and nothing happened to him! Is this because she worked as a dispatcher for the local sheriff? Is this also the reason she showed up at the scene with the “sheriff” jacket on, when she no longer worked for the sheriff???  In the early days of the investigation Teresa said many…. many kind things about Misty, she praised Misty!!! She was the best girlfriend Ron has ever had!! Haleigh wanted Misty to become her “new” mom, and wanted Misty to marry her dad!!

Towards the end those statements changed, Teresa now blames Misty for everything, she drug his (Ron’s) butt into this!!! Say what???

Annette Sykes

Grandma Sykes is Ronald grandmother and she is the one who raised him. If she knows anything about what happened the night Haleigh vanished I’m sure it’s only after the fact. She comes across as a woman who had lived a hard life, and she loves her family. She high tailed it down to the Mondex when they were draining it looking for Haleigh, could she know something? It is possible she knows exactly where Haleigh is buried or thrown or whatever. She went to the mobile home the night Haleigh vanished and she says Haleigh and her little brother were on the front porch eating dinner. Is this the truth? I  really don’t know………. but I doubt it …. 😦

Tommy Croslin

Here is another one I think is involved in Haleigh’s disappearance, at first I didn’t think he knew anything, but now I’m sure he knows what happened, and was possibly in on it. He is Misty’s brother and was married to Lindsey Croslin, and they have three children together. Where to begin, well Tommy is the brother who was visiting Misty the night Haleigh disappeared, he had brought his kids over the play with Haleigh. After that I don’t know they all lie so much I can’t be sure, but Tommy has said many things since he has been in jail, too many for him to be innocent. Misty has accused him of sexually abusing her in the past. Ron is accused of putting a dead rat in his mailbox not long after Haleigh disappeared. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug charges.

Jo Overstreet

This is the cousin that was in town visiting his family, when Haleigh vanished. He is Misty’s cousin and he is reported to have had a fight with Ron over a gun. Misty and Tommy have accused him of killing Haleigh, but surprisingly Ron has not. He lives in Tennessee, and has also been arrested on drug possession in the past. In the beginning of the investigation Misty told reporters that he hightailed it out of town the morning Haleigh vanished but as you can see here,

he is helping Misty hang up posters. Who knows? Misty also says Jo “messed” with her …..

Timmy Croslin

Misty’s other brother. He and Misty were very close growing up, there were many pictures on myspace that prove this. Joe was staying at his house while he was in town. Shortly after Haeligh vanished he moved to Cape Cod, because living there was cheaper??!! I don’t think anything is cheap in Cape Cod!!! If anyone knows and/or helped Misty dispose of Haleigh I am convinced it is him! His wife is Chelsea and they have children together, I can’t remember how many. We have never really heard Timmy say anything, we always hear from his mouthpiece AKA Chelsea on the subject of Haleigh. Chelsea is in the video below:

So I do think he/both of them know very well what happened to Haleigh, but neither are going to talk. This is the tattoo Chelsea got after Haleigh disappeared!

Hope Sykes

Is Ron’s cousin who was also sentenced to 15 years in prison, I don’t think she knows anything about Haleigh, I just think she is a stupid girl who got involved with her cousin’s drug business.

Hank and Lisa Croslin

These are Misty’s parents and they were arrested for crack cocaine, They are currently out of jail, and living in Florida …. I presume. Hank was involved in an accident shortly before Haleigh vanished, and he was in the hospital the night of her disappearance, Lisa was visiting him in the hospital.

This family has suffered losses since Haleigh vanished, this year two members of the family have passed away.

Flora Hollars

Flora is Misty’s grandmother, she is Lisa’s mother and she lived in Tennesse. She was always a tell it like it is kinda person, she passed away on December 4, 2011. I think she was trying to get to the truth, and didn’t really care what anyone thought about it. Who could ever forget her comments on Nancy Grace! 😀

RIP Flo!

Katrina Belcher

Katrina was Ron’s aunt, and Hope Sykes’ mother, she owned a landscaping business that Ron had or had NOT worked at the day Haleigh vanished. She died on March 2, 2011, at home. She was young and nobody was expecting her to die. She was with Ron and Misty the day they were arrested, she had Misty’s purse, there are rumors it was a drug overdose that killed her ….. in any event it is sad that she is dead.

As you can see, there have been many ….ups and…downs……. well they’ve all been downs in this case, and it has gone cold. There have been posters online who have gotten out of hand, a writer who thinks Haleigh is in hiding in the mountains somewhere, even wrote a book on it. There has been crazy bounty hunters, lawyers etc. involved.  Below  is a video I made, to honor Haleigh being missing for three years, it isn’t very good but ………. here it is :/

I wonder how things could have worked out differently if we weren’t in the “internet” age right now. There have been many posters who have derailed the investigation. Everyone and I mean everyone in Haleigh’s family has skeletons in their closets, and some of them have actively lied to law enforcement. Some of them I’m sure are reading this right now 😦 This case has attracted more weirdos than I ever knew existed!

I’m glad all those who were possibly involved in Haleigh being missing are in jail, and will remain there for some time. I just wish they would tell someone where Haleigh was. 😦

Anyway I hope 2012 2013 2014 2015

2016 2017

is the year they will find Haleigh, and bring peace to those that truly loved her and miss her.

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