Where is my dog Zynga?? Green Thumb Games!!???

I have played Zynga games on and off, well mostly off for the past few years, I get into them then my interest slowly fades out. I have been playing Farmville 2 Country Escape for a couple months now it is made for mobile devices.



I’ve stopped playing it for a while and picked it back up and started playing it again. Recently they had a quest/competition called The Green Thumb Games, the prize for 1-5 place was a Golden Retriever, at first I was like I’m never going to win that dog anyway, so why bother. Dogs for those that don’t know in the game cost keys, keys are very rarely rewarded when you complete certain tasks. The only other way to get keys is to buy them and the dogs usually cost I’m guessing  around 10-15 US dollars, or 400 keys! I have never and will never buy keys for this game, I spend enough real money on my real pets, don’t need to spend real money on a pixel pet!


OK back to my problem with Zynga …. one morning I had a really good run on selling things and moved up from 14th or possibly worse, not sure where I was on the board, but I moved up to 3rd place! I was so excited, I may actually win this dog, or so I thought! All I needed to do was maintain my 3rd place spot and I would get the dog. Every day for the next week I would sell some items to stay in 3rd place. The event ended on Sunday at midnight, I stayed up ….still in 3rd place and was counting down the moments till the event ended and I was awarded my dog, 12 comes and goes, I got confetti was still in 3rd place, but no dog.


I figured OK I’ll just wait till tomorrow go back into the game and get my dog …… WRONG! The next day I open up the game and it gave me a message saying thanks for playing The Green Thumb Games, and here is my award 1,000 coins! WTH?? I was so angry,  went on the internet to find out that MANY MANY people were also not awarded the dog.

Zynga says they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it, but then they start another event!! Why, why Zynga would you start another event when the first one was so fucked up,  you have so many people waiting on the stupid dog? Why would I even try to win a “prized” horse, that I will probably never see if Green Thumb was any indication???? Why promise so many people a damn dog and then not actually give them the dog!?

It may be stupid, I will probably use the dog once and then stop playing ……. but it’s the principle,  and I want my dog!! Your move Zynga!