#BB16 Final 3 is finally here!!! Wooooo!!

I have been watching Big Brother since season 9, yeah I know …. I know, lots say it was the worst season in BB history, I don’t agree. BB9 offered lots, TONS of exciting moments on the live feeds, yes they were trashy, raunchy and the winner turned out to be a drug dealer …… but they knew how to have fun, and keep us, the audience interested!


Every year since then I have heard the usual complaints “OMG worst season EVER!!” “Worst HGs ever” “they are so boring” blah blah blah …… People say this every year. This year REALLY  has been the most boring EVER, the TV show has kept things interesting.

BB10 for instance was great! The dynamics were great, they had some great nights on the feeds, much different than the nights on BB9, but they were great! The fights, from Keesha’s birthday to Jerry screaming “you’re going Hooooome!!” Lots of excitment, and never a dull moment!

BB11 was the same from the Jeff and Jordan’s showmance to Chima’s not so graceful exit, never a dull moment.

BB12 was good too at first, I loved Britney, not so much Rachel but I did love to hate Rachel, and Britney’s funny …..some say bitchy comments about her were so funny! I loved it! I did not like the “Brigade” and it did get boring towards the end because those guys were just rolling over the rest of the house, not so much fun, but overall it was another great season of BB!

BB13 was OK, I can’t say it was the best, but still OK, I did not like that they brought back people for this BB, but it was still good. They had many moments I was glued to the computer screen from Rachel’s meltdown(s) to Jeff loosing his clown shoe, I thought the end of that one seemed a bit “off” but that’s only cause production made sure Rachel ended up winning, other than that another good year of BB!

BB14 Again brought people back. It started out with a bang! Willie was flucking crazy!! I stayed interested in that one up until I lost my internet, thanks to Hurricane Isaac, and couldn’t watch!! After that point I kinda became uninterested and stopped watching, I did tune back into the feeds when I got my internet back, not as much as before, it was still interesting tho. I was so sure Dan would win again, it was a nice surprise when he didn’t, and I love Dan, I think he’s one of the best players of BB, but it was kinda good to see someone new win! Plus Ian was adorkable!

Last year was truly horrible, the winner the second place winner, ugh disgusting … the racism … they were awful people last year, but BUT they did even unintentionally keep the “feedsters” interested! I don’t really have anything good to say about any of the players from last year. I do think the players from last year did in a HUGE way affect the way they picked players for this year tho. I think BB casting decided to go super safe this year, or they gave the people a warning about what NOT to do, I’m not sure …. I do know I don’t like it!

This year has really been the most boring year of having the feeds, since I have been getting them. I stopped regularly tuning into the feeds weeks ago, I haven’t done that well ….. EVER!

The HGs this year are so boring, I’m not entirely sure why? If you watch the feeds you know, they never do anything! The year started out OK, then got a lil creepy, with Caleb’s weird and stalker like obsession with Amber. They have done a great job of editing it for TV tho, which let’s be honest that’s all they care about. The TV edit made it look like these people are actually interesting, when they are not in any way interesting! I’ve known since week 2 Derrick would make it to the end, and if he wins the final HOH he plans to take Victoria, and he has done a wonderful job at manipulating these people, maybe that’s why it just isn’t interesting. Maybe I wanted someone to challenge him on ANYTHING he says, but this year NO ONE has ever challenged him on anything, they just blindly go along with whatever he says!


The final 3 is Derrick, Cody and Victoria ……. if you’ve watched the feeds you know it makes for a very boring final 3! LOL I’m sorry but these people are so boring! Cody is so boring, he just does nothing, always saying he’s going to tell people off, but never actually doing it. Victoria ….. poor, poor Victoria that girl is just a waste of space, she does nothing. Derrick is awesome at the game, just not to watch!! He likes to play things on the safe side, which in turn equals boring feeds. Nobody this year seems to have a backbone, or balls!

Cody won part one of the final HOH battle, they still have 2 parts to play, Victoria was out first surprising no one!



Who will win? No idea, I think and hope Derrick will he plays the game 24/7.

The winner will be announced on CBS on Wednesday Sept 24 at 8:30 (central time), and Tomorrow Friday Sept 19 at 7:00 (central)  they will have a special “looking back” episode, tho there isn’t much to look back at….. LOL