#BB16 First Impressions

This contains spoilers!!


So the feeds have been on for more than 24 hours, and I’ve got a few first impressions. Let’s start out by saying Frankie who won the first HOH competition nominated Brittany and Victoria, because they were the first two to fall off the comp that Caleb won. Caleb won the second HOH comp and nominated Paola and Donny, because they were the first girl and guy to fall off the first competition. Caleb is the standing HOH, so Victoria and Brittany are off the block and are safe. POV has been played.

First up we have Amber:ytfdfg


I like her, she seems like a sweet person in the game and in real life. So far no big game moves but the feeds haven’t been on for 48 hours! She is in the Crazy 8’s Alliance and was/is/??? part of El Cuatro, the all girl alliance that was pretty much over before it began.

Next up is Brittnay:


I know not a very good picture!! Evertime I try to snap one they change views!! LOL Anyway so far I think Britnay is kinda dangerous in this game, she wants to make big moves! She also come across as kinda bitchy IMO, but I like her so far.



Hmmm where do I start with Caleb!! LOL OK so many of you know that before the show even started there was “controversy” about Caleb and speculation began to grow about how he’d be in the house. I gotta say, he is a complete enigma!! I don’t understand him at all!  First night of feeds he was dancing with the other HGs when the feeds started, nothing weird about that I know. Then he started talking to Paola about how much he likes Amber…. That is when the Caleb puzzle started. It seems obvious that Caleb really, really …. REALLY like Amber, and he wants to confess his love of her to her, but so far they haven’t done much talking on the feeds. We’ve heard him tell the story of how she came up to HOH before feeds and stayed up there for 4 hours talking to him, we heard him talk about every time she’s ever touched him, we’ve heard about their dance:


It is so weird that he is that much in love with this girl!! Last night he was saying “when he say her at the airport”, so I don’t know if she was already supposed to be on BB, or his handler saw him react to her and decided to pull her in! His relationship with Frankie is weird also, in one of his Instagram post he calls gay people fags. I didn’t think that made him homophobic, but many people did. The first night in the house Frankie said he would not get along with Caleb, because he probably didn’t like gay people, then the feeds start, and Caleb and Frankie are sharing the HOH bed! He loves to tell stories of fights he’s been in, but seems like a little boy when it comes to hi “love” of Amber.

Caleb acts like a 12 year old boy when it comes to Amber, it is very interesting to watch! I hope he sticks around, cause I would like to know more about the puzzle that is Caleb. Caleb is part of the Bomb Squad, tho I’m not entirely sure who is in that alliance!




she hasn’t been on the feeds much, so I don’t know anything about her really.



Cody hasn’t done much on the feeds, he is a have not. I can’t get the image of John Travolta outta my head when looking at him!! I’m expecting Summer Love chorus to break out in the house at any moment!



I like him, he seems really chill, and cool, and also great at lying, of course you have to be good at lying to go undercover, so there’s that. Anyway he doesn’t talk a whole lot of the feeds so far, but no one has even mentioned his name as needing to go, I hope he sticks around for a while.



Oh bitchy bitchy Devin. He reminds me so much of Brendon, his voice the constant whining. I thought I would love him, I was wrong!! I can now see why he’s single!! The girls of the house, and actually the whole house has been talking about him having a major blowup prior to feeds, I hope we get to see that.  The girls not all the girls but most of them seem scared of Devin, and I’d like to know why.



I like him! He is funny in the DR, and yesterday he won the POV!! So he’s not going home too soon, he seems like a really nice guy. The HGs think he’s some kind of genius, not sure why they came the that conclusion, but they all believe he is lying about his job, and that in reality he’s a professor. Have no idea what he did or said to lead them to there, but….




I gotta say, I like him!! He seems kinda hyper at times, kinda loud at time but I like him. The house likes him too he makes a point to talk to everyone in the house. Kinda like Andy’s game last year, but without the rodent like aspects of Andy. He doesn’t mind getting blood on his hands, unlike Andy, he’s not a rat like Andy. So in other words he is much better than Andy!!



I don’t mind Hayden, he seems OK so far. He’s not as loud and boisterous as some of the other HGs, so I don’t see him on the feeds that much.



I didn’t think I would like her based … well mainly on the damn bowtie!!! LOL She musta brought a million of them into the house, and she must share them cause the girls last night were wearing them as headbands. Also the first show she kept saying stuff about god, I think that’s a bit much!! If God exist then he’s got other things to worry about right now, rather than ensuring Jocasta a good stay in the BB house!! She is OK so far in the house, she hasn’t been preachy.



I don’t like her!!!! She is the first member of “Team America” and she’s awful!! She is so loud and disgusting, last night she threw up in a bowl then sniffed it before throwing it away!! Gross…..  Then she washed her panties in the slop making pot. Just nasty, I hope she goes, so far that’s the plan, when Donny comes off she goes up, hopefully the DR will live with her being gone and try not to save her, just because she is on Team America.



Nicole is a weird one. She believes the house is haunted! I hope BB brings the “ghosts” in the mirror back this year just for her!!



Paola has been quiet on the feeds since they’ve been on, I think most of that is because she is on the block. The HGs say she’s calmed down a bit, but she is totally different than I expected. I thought she would be a huge loudmouth, not so much. The only time anyone ever talks to her is when Caleb feels the need to remeber Amber touching him one more time and asks Paola for advice, which she gave him pretty good advice! I am just shocked at her personality based on the fact that she’s GinaMarie’s friend, I was expecting her to be just as obnoxious as GM, I guess!



I don’t like her at all!!! I think I would but her personality is just too much for me! First of all she thinks she is the best looking woman in the house, and ordinarily I would not point out the fact that her nose is huge!! I think it’s great that she kept her nose and did not get it “worked” on, but she is so petty! Yesterday she was crying because her hair extensions fell out! She also has a “religious” rule where she can’t sleep in a room with men! Hello you went on BB, you have no expectation of privacy! Nothing you do in that house is private, get over yourself! I would hate to see the fuss she puts up when she’s a have not and HAS to sleep in a room with men in it. She always has a “bitch face” on, I just do not like her at all.



I haven’t decided if he’s an asshole who I’m not going to like, or if he’s an asshole that I will like! He has a bromance thing going on with Frankie, and a final two deal with Frankie. He really believes that him and Frankie are destined to be sitting together at the end. He sleeps all the time, other than sleeping, he enjoys hanging out with the guys. One thing that I do know is people who are making final 2 deals this early are usually gone quickly, so we’ll see hows this plays out with Zach.


So that is what I think of all of them, of course this can and will change… last year I kinda liked GM and Amanda at this point, and grew to hate them!