So my son’s a cracker?? What does that make you???

Today my little world came crashing down around me 😦 I thought all was well when my kids walked in from school today, was busy looking down at my iPad not really paying attention to them, when I asked them “so how was today?”. I asked it expecting the same answer I get everyday …….. BORING!!! That is not the answer I got today!!

So today my kids were riding the bus home when a girl who was sitting in the back of the bus started being loud, obnoxious whatever you want to call it…….. anyway the bus driver took notice and told the girl to come to the front of the bus where my son was sitting. They have assigned seats on the bus and my son sits alone …… girls on one side ….boys on the other. The girl comes to the front of the bus and the bus driver tells her to sit down and points to the seat next to my son, the girl then exclaims “I don;t wanna sit next to this stupid little white boy” with that my son goes into his “defensive” posture, he puts his head in his arms and kinda curls up. So the girl starts to sit next to him then says cause I guess her point wasn’t made the first time…….. “I don’t wanna sit next to this stupid cracker”. Then the girl sits next to my son who hasn’t said anything at this point to her, and goes immediately to the bus driver and tells her my son said he “didn’t want to sit next to this black girl”. I believe my son! I also believe my daughter because her story was pretty much the same as his when she told me about it when he wasn’t in the room. My son NEVER said that! The rest of the kids on the bus DID believe her tho and they started calling my son racist!! My son before today didn’t even know that the word “cracker” was supposed to be offensive!! He told me today when she called him that he wanted to say “so I’m a delicious tasty treat”? OMG I am so pissed!!!

At this point my mouth is on the floor!!! I could not believe this girl called him that, and that the other kids on the bus called him racist!! ……… yes I have in the past been called a “cracker” and a “honkey” but it never really affected me the way it did today. 😦

I just kinda sucked it up and went on…… well maybe not sucked it up and went on ….. well ……. maybe……. I may have grabbed the girl who was saying those things about me by the skirt and drug her off the bus getting her skirt caught in the bus door, seeing her run behind the bus…….. I was 14 or 15 and she wasn’t hurt, the bus stopped, and NOBODY ever said those things about me again!

Point being it is hurtful when ANYBODY says anything about the color of your skin! No matter what color our skin is it is NOT cool for a black person to say “oh look at that stupid cracker” nor is it cool for a white person to say “oh look at that stupid nigga” ……… it all hurts …….. ALL of it.

I think in this day and age in America we could move beyond the color of our skin, but I’m afraid that will never happen.

The bus driver didn’t believe the girl, and the bus driver actually said as my son was walking of the bus “I’m gonna report her” and the rest of the kids on the bus then echoed out to the girl that she would be reported, and her response was “I don’t care …….. REPORT ME!!!”

I have given up the idea that I could possibly talk with her parents mainly cause I’m thinking they taught her to be the way she is. It sucks!!

I at the beginning of this summer was all about the white man being racist against the black man (see Aaryn against Candice) , I had forgotten well ……not forgotten about but pushed it to the back of my mind about the reverse form of racism ……. they both suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!