#BB15 The Amanda Show


08-05-2013-19.24.04.Cam3So after the surprise double eviction episode, things went downhill again, or however much more downhill things could get this year! This has got to be the worst year of Big Brother ever, I know people say that every year …… this year it’s true!

Candice, Judd Jessie all evicted, one of them has a shot to come back in the house, but I’m not sure that will ever play out, because this week Helen is on the block and they want her gone. So it is possible she could win the comp to come back in the house.  Not that I’m not enjoying seeing her cry, because I am!! For weeks I blamed her for the boringness <– don’t think that is a word 🙂  that is BB this year. I have come to see however that it is all of them, all of the people in the house playing the game FOR Amanda! Everyone in the house is guilty of this, everyone seems to be scared of her, and I don’t know why???? I don’t know why they don’t just sign the check over to Amanda at this point, because right now it’s looking like she will win it all!! This wouldn’t be so bad if Amanda would be at least a likable character….. but she is not……. I can’t stand her!!


Aaryn has won 4 HOH competitions so far, and many are believing she has somehow changed ….. she hasn’t. I don’t want to see her win, she’s still racist and last night she said Andy came in with an unfair advantage because he is gay.


GinaMarie is also a racist she has said and done horrible things in the house. I feel bad for GM because she is so ignorant, and because she constantly purges everything she eats back up.  Several of the HG have noticed this, the feed watchers know this, I can’t imagine BB not knowing this. GM has a problem, and I hink her problems will get bigger when she leaves the house. She is so un aware of herself, she has convinced herself that she is/was right over Candice because Candice was “a mean girl”. She has no clue why Candice was mean to her. She is STILL talking about Nick!!!


Andy is a little bitch, in particular he’s Amanda’s BITCH!!! OMG I can’t stand him!! I don’t know what game he’s playing but the best her could hope for right now is final 3, if he thinks one of the disgusting duo that is McCranda will take him to the end well he’s crazy!Why do you have to be such a bitch Andy!! You have the power to change the game!!! He has made this season sooooooo boring!!!!


McCrae and Amanda are disgusting, I can’t stand either of them.  I don’t think either one of them has been in an upright position for more than 20 mins at a time!


Helen uses her tears to try and help her in this game, she also is constantly telling the other HG that America is watching. LOL who cares!!! Yes, we are watching and we all know what you do to get your way Helen, so if you could please STFU!!! Helen is the target this week, so she will be going, Amanda has spoken so it shall be!! Whether she comes back or not that would be up to her!


08-19-2013-14.04.19.Cam1Elissa is the only HG who I can kinda stand!! I don’t like her entitled attitude but she is the least offensive of all of them! She is still upset over Aaryn and GinaMarie and their racist comments, she hasn’t forgotten, and neither have I.


Spencer well he is misogynistic,a and often an ass but if Elissa can’t win then I hope it is him.

I have never before seen a season of BB like this one, where everyone is playing the game to ensure that one person win!!! Never!! These people are all sheep being led to slaughter by Amanda! I could understand it more if one of them wasn;t playing for her, but the whole house is playing for her!!

I don’t know who I want to come back in, I hope whoever it is that comes back, will at the very least take into consideration that Amanda is a BIG HUGE threat!! I hope that whoever comes back does not play the game for Amanda!!

The only reason Spencer is in there is because he is on the block, and it is BB where you are supposed to be able to Expect The Unexpected!!! LOL