#BB15 Week 6, New HOH and Amanda is still there!

There have been 3 evictions since I last wrote Jeremy, Kaitlin and Howard have all left the BB house. The last 2 weeks America was the MVP of the game the first time “we” nominated Elissa, I chalk that up to stupid people, who don’t pay attention to who or what they vote for ….. she won POV took herself off then we nominated Gina Marie, that week Kaitlin left. Last week we nominated Amanda, and she stayed 😦

Aaryn has won twice one HOH in the house despite BB clearly wanting her out of the house!! I think these HGs are clearly not listening to the DR!!! Last night BB made us “America” the MVP again, I don’t expect that to change the game at all or even for the MVP nominee to go home. I hope it is Amanda!!! I want her gone soooo bad!

I don’t like ANYONE in the house right now!! It is so hard to actually watch the feeds and care about what is going on!! Last night was an endurance competition where they had boxes they could pick based on who fell off first and Spencer, Candice and Helen were the first to fall off.  Gina Marie was the last one standing so she is the new HOH, and she doesn’t want to leave her and Nick bed!!!!


Spencer got a megaphone he has to talk into every time he tries to speak, Aaryn told him last night you don;t have to scream every time you talk into that thing you know, his response was it’s a fucking megaphone!!! LOL


Helen has been using her BBQ as leverage in the house…… yuck I don;t like Helen anymore her week as HOH turned me off!! So last night she chose Aaryn to go to her BBQ over Candice and Jessie, which pissed me off!! Jessie really wanted to go and Helen chooses the racist Aaryn to accompany her to the BBQ!! Candice won $5,000

Aaryn is still racist!! LOL I know a tiger can’t change it’s stripes, I was hoping however that after the backlash she got in the DR and the other HGs being asked in the DR about her being racist may have made her put a check on her damned mouth!! It didn’t …… the other night she was watching the spy screen in HOH and saw Candice and said Aunt Jamima go make me some pancakes ………

Helen is still crying to get her way, she pisses me off so badly!!! She cries to get people to do what she wants, right now she’s crying because she didn’t invite Jessie to her BBQ……. WTF?? I can’t stand Helen, she is NO mastermind!!! I hate the TV show shows her as some kinda super smart, genius mastermind!!

Amanda is a really useless piece of shit IMO!! LOL I can’t stand her she thinks she rules the house and she kinda does, but she bullies everyone to do what she wants no body is willing or able to stand up to her. She wanted Howard gone and she made sure he was gone despite sitting next to him on the block!! I sooooo wish she had left last week, I’m sick of seeing McCrae laying down sucking face with her, she’s gross!!

Andy pisses me off too, Amanda and McCrae would be nothing without his tattletale ass going back and telling them everything!! He is playing for third place right now and until he figures that out he’ll keep protecting McManda.

In short I hate them all!!!! Usually by this time I have a fav who I want to win, and when that fav goes home I can pick someone else, not this year all of these people suck!!! If Candice goes I will have no reason to watch BB anymore, and the only reason I rooting for her is because she is from here!!

This season sucks!!!


2 thoughts on “#BB15 Week 6, New HOH and Amanda is still there!

  1. I could not agree with you more…on EVERYTHING you just said. Every person this season has so many hateful or just annoying qualities that the only joy I get is watching them all get screwed and/or paranoid in one way or the other. Aaryn hateful, Jessie needy, McCrae whipped, Amanda DeMANDing, GM clueless, Spencer disgusting, Andy weasel, Elissa crazy, Judd mumbling lunatic, Helen dictating crybaby, and Candice angry. They’re all annoying, at the very least!

  2. Right on every point . This is by far the worst cast ever. I absolutely hate each and everyone of these house guests !!! Amanda the whore,McCrae the pussy,Helen the crying idiot,Elissa the paranoid schizo,Andy the rat ,aryan the racist the list goes on .

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