#BB15 Rasicism Comes To a Head, Nick’s Gone, GinaMarie cries ALL NIGHT!

WOW!! What a night it was on the feeds last night!! I almost missed everything because I was going to go to bed early but I decided to stay up to see Helen get her HOH room. I missed last week when the devil got her HOH room because I was in Alabama, so this was my first HOH reveal that I got to see so far this summer.

Sooooo before the HOH reveal Jeremy and his fuck buddy, steal Jessie and Judd’s bed, Jessie comes in and asks them to get out of her bed they say no, Jessie sits in her bed and arguing ensues.I’m not going to write too much about this, but Jessie did a good job standing up to the witch Aaryan. Judd comes in Kaitlin tells him to get the fuck out ……… anyway he takes Jessie out of the room and calls Aaryn and her “clan” trash. Fast forward a bit …….. Aryan decides to flip Candice’s bed onto the floor

rtfgergThen the HOH reveal and everyone goes upstairs to see Helen’s HOH room, Helen reads her letter and then everyone goes downstairs and Jessie gets in her bed Kaitlyn lays down in her bed too, Jessie is asking her to get out of her bed Kaitlyn calls her immature, Jeremy walks in and gets on her bed too, arguing ensues.


Candice walks in and asks who flipped my bed Kaitlyn says I didn’t touch your bed. Aryan Aaryn walks in and Candice says “I know someone’s got one more time to flip my bed in this house and it’s going to be all hell in this house”  Here is the video uncut and raw, thank you to The Big Brother Network because I can’t figure out how to capture the picture and the sound at the same time!!!!:

So there it is! Aryan Aaryn and Kaitlyn and GinaMarie are all horrible people, and I wouldn’t blame Candice or Howard for going off on any of them!! After all of that Howard is talking to Candice and telling her it’s not worth it, to be the better people, Candice was breaking my heart. Aryan started crying about how how it is to be a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes from Texas because she said she’s not racist and people always assume that about her based on where she’s from and how she looks  o,O

So after being told she’s being portrayed on TV as a racist Aryan denied denied denied that she has said anything that could ever be considered racist!! Last night when Candice was retelling the story she said the DR told her it’s getting to the point of …… then we got fish! Same thing happened to Howard …. So I don’t know what BB is going to do about this but it has got to stop! Candice and Howie slept on the floor in the have not room 😦

As a blonde headed, blue eyed, white girl from Louisiana, I think Aaryn is fucking crazy!! I have never been pegged as a racist just for walking into a room, no one looks at me and says oh she must be racist just because she has blonde hair, blue eyes and is from Louisiana! It really made me think about things. It’s one thing to hear people talking about being discriminated against, it was quiet another to actually see it happen  as it was going down. I wanted to cry for Candice, I felt horrible for her, and I hated (well I still do 🙂 ) Aryan. I really hope that Aaryn can learn from all of this, and I really do hope she changes when she gets out the house, I’m not going to be holding my breath tho.

After seeing that last night and seeing how Howard chose to handle the situation, well I love Howard and I also love Candice!! Howard was the definition of class last night, although I would loved to see Candice rip Aaryn a new asshole, Howard was right …… it was just so sad to watch them both go in the have not room and cry, I thought for a second Howard was about to lose it!

Usually I am all about freedom of speech and I think “political correctness” has basically taken that freedom away from us, last night I was pissed at Aaryn for doing and acting the way she did. It’s one thing to say something about anyone, it’s quite another to actually touch their things. I don’t think Aaryn or Gina Marie should be evicted just because they are racist, they will get enough flak for that when they leave the house and find out they are both unemployed. I really hope BB shows this on Sunday’s show, it may be a wake up call to many.


Moving on …….. Gina Marie …….. GAH can this girl get any more delusional???? LOL She walked around the house all night last night crying over Nick leaving, blowing her nose in his pair of shorts and carrying his chapstick!! hthghI gotta say this has Jessie’s funeral beat!! LOL She was a mess, constantly blowing her nose in his shorts, I hope he doesn’t want them back!!  She sounded like Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter in the house last night! You could hear her everywhere!! It was funny….. in a mean way! He didn’t die, and as Aaryn told her you’ll see him in 70 days so Nick change your name and move!

I really hope Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlyn are on slop this week and I hope the food “America” chose for them is horrible! It will be nice to see them suffer! Helen is HOH and I hope she nominates Aaryn this week and I hope Aaryn goes home, I really think even BB is sick of her!!