#BB15 Week Two

So last week for the eviction show I was in Alabama, and didn’t get a chance to write about it here. I am home this week and this will be the first live show I will get to watch!!

fhfgThis is a live shot taken a few minutes ago

WOW!! What a first two weeks it’s been!

Aaryn has been proven to be a racist bitch!

Gina Marie is bitchy and also a racist! She is obsessed with Nick she wants a showmance with him soooooo badly, she comes of as pathetic!

Helen has proven that she is dumb, sorry Helen I love you except when you talk to anyone!

Elissa has proven to be nothing more than Rachel’s sister! I like her more than Rachel but I don’t get why she keeps getting to be MVP!! I don’t get what she brings to the show, but they show her more on the show than she’s been on the feeds! She can’t even complete a sentence!! So I don’t get the love!

Amanda is not too bad she’s actually kinda funny!

McCrae is kinda blah…….

Howard is OK I liked him more last week than I do this week.

Spencer is well an asshole,he uses the word cunt to describe all the women in the house!!

Nick tries to be something he’s not,I think he’s trying to be a mastermind, but to me he comes off as being a cocky asshole. He thinks he is staying tonight. Hopefully he is wrong!

Kaitlyn is nothing more than Jeremy’s fuck toy,

Jeremy is a grade a douche bag!

Judd is cool, as is Candice.

Andy is everywhere all at once!! LOL I don’t know how he does it but he appears in every room people are trying to talk!

Jessie I don’t hate her as much as I thought I would she’s kinda cool, if she’d get over her wanting to be in a showmance, and to be a part of the “cool kids” club.

So David went home last week, and Aaryn was shocked! LOL I’m so glad they blindsided her! She won HOH this week and nominated Helen and Elissa, she got to pick the have nots for the week, and surprise surprise!! She chose Helen, Candice, Howard, Andy and Elissa <rolls eyes> Elissa was picked the MVP AGAIN ….. I wish they’d give it to someone else….. anyway she put douche Jeremy up, who won POV and took himself down so she put Nick up in his place! Nick is an idiot all he had to do was pretend to make a deal with her, but he didn’t! All week long it has looked like Elissa would be the one leaving tonight, but as of right now it looks like Nick may be sitting with Julie!! I am soo happy about that, because Aaryn will be blindsided again! Gina Marie will be in pieces, and Jeremy will look like an even bigger douche!! LOL