#BB15 First Impressions

OK so the feeds came on at 11pm Wednesday night!! I was soooooo excited! I quickly learned that pretty much the whole house is crazy! LOL McCrae is the HOH and he nominated Candice and Jessie, he said he nominated them because they were the first to fall…… Yesterday Elissa told McCrae she was the MVP  no surprise there!  McCrae won the POV, and Elissa as MVP nominated the person McCrae really wanted up and that is David. Now let me get into each of the HGs one by one

First up we have Aaryn


It seems her and David


had sex or something before the season started, she acts like they are in a long term relationship! LOL and the girl is crazy!!!!


Yesterday she was telling him off for talking with Elissa, I’ll get to her in a bit. Today she told him she didn’t know if she could trust that he is not related to anybody LOL She seems like she may be a Dani 2.0, but then this year there are many that could try out for that position!


David is not as bad as I thought he would be, he’s not such a douche as I thought he would be, he seems kinda fun he put a dress on for a fashion show the girls put on the night the feeds came on.




She talks too much!!! OMG This girl can talk and talk and talk!! She is everywhere, always interrupting good game talk, she pretty annoying but can be funny. I can’t take any feed she is on for too long, she just annoys me!

Andy is OK, I don’t really have an opinion of him yet.jnvjhb



hasn’t really been on the feeds a whole lot that I have seen, so I don’t know how she will be on the show, she seems OK but also easily forgettable 😦 which sucks I was hoping I’d love her, she is from here!



Is Rachel sister, and I didn’t think I would like her at all!! I am surprised but I think I may actually like her! She is not anywhere nearly annoying as Rachel, she’s like Rachel on Xanax LOL I’m not sure what the girl did before feeds came on, but she musta did something! EVERYONE in the house HATES her, they all know she is Rachel’s sister, and I don’t know what exactly happened when they found out she was! I could try to explain it here, but I really don’t get what the heck happened in the first place! The whole house is telling McCrae to take one of his nominations off the block and put her up, he even told her he would put her up! So Rachel’s sister may not last long at all!df

Gina Marie I didn’t think I would like her but I kinda do. I can’t take her for too long, she’s OK in small doses. She sounds like the Long Island Medium,but she’s funny.

IMG_2279Helen is OK too, I like her. She is not catty and she seems to be OK.

bghfHoward is quiet, and he isn’t on the feeds a lot but I like him!! He seems to be a nice guy, not into all the mess the other HG seem to enjoy.

ghghJeremy, Jeremy oh Jeremy…….. is a grade A douche bag!!! I can’t stand him, he thinks he is running the house, I can not believe he has two girls in the house falling for him or whatever it is they are doing over him, he is an ass! I don’t know what happened beofre feeds went on but for the week they were in the house he seems to have been with Jessie.


She “broke up” with him before feeds came on, LOL so they had their two day “relationship”. Kaitlyn is his girl now. and both of these girls are crazy!!!! Kaitlyn more so, but Jessie is just as crazy!

jkThey are all 50 Shades of Cray Cray!!!



McCrae should not have won both HOH and POV in the same week, he has deals all over the place, he made everyone promises, I think he’ll be gone next week. Playing too hard too soon!! Everyone in the house thinks they have an alliance with him, he’s already promised both Candice and Jessie he would take them off the block! Too hard too soon!

The rest of them Judd, Spencer and Nick. I really don’t know about them, they seem OK enough, but I haven’t really watched any of them enough to know whether I like them or not.

Right now Kaitlyn is telling GinaMarie that Jeremy is an ass, well not so much those words but the meaning is there! He is telling someone else that he thinks she is related to McCrae!! WTG diary room!!


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  1. I’m dying to know your impressions of all of them now. Lol. There are some seriously messed up people in the house. CBS is really starting to upset me.

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