We got to see the house!! #BB15

Some new things have come out! #BB15

With Big Brother just 8 days away, some new things have come out today about this season of Big Brother. The house tour video came out, I love the bathroom!!


BB15 Tour with Julie – Video Dailymotion.  <—– the video

So basically that is all that is new that has come out, but at the end of that video ^ there Julie says, we “America” will be influencing the game like never before before. This sounds exciting and also stupid, no offense America but we as a whole are stupid!! I have no idea what we will be voting for each week, but if you look at this picture, you can see the nominee chairs ave been swapped out and replaced with a couch, so will we be nominating one player per week to evict???image01557

To see more pics of the house go to: Joker’s

There will be 16 house-guests this season, which isn’t really most house-guests  than ever!! Big Brother 9 also had 16 HG and I don’t think it will be longer than ever either, LOL maybe by like one day or something but I don’t think it’ll be the 100 days they told us!!Later on this week they will FINALLY release the HG names and all of that, so I will be back here writing about the HG when they release their names.

I am going to Alabama for the Fourth of July, so I will be without feeds while I’m there, their internet SUCKS big time up there, sometimes it’s up but most of the time it is not. I hope nothing big happens while I’m gone!!! Of course I’ll have the iPhone but last year we almost went over our data limit when we lost internet for the week after Hurricane Isaac hit. I needed to see what was going on because Dan’s funeral had just happened it was killing me to not know what was going on!! Maybe I’ll just check in every now and then.