It’s almost time for Big Brother to start!! #BB15


In about 2 weeks Big Brother will start and I will have my summer addiction back!  I can’t wait! What do we know, well not much so far. They have opened their feed page but when you go there you only see this, you can chat tho!


They have released a few commercials, nothing big in any of them, except that Big Brother is starting earlier and going longer than ever before. There will also be more HG’s than ever! I expect them to “kidnap” the HG’s this weekend and maybe sometime next week they will release info on them, next week they will release pictures from media day. One thing I am VERY happy about is no returning House Guests!! I love Britney, Dan, Jeff, Jordan …… but enough of them!! I watch BB for three months and at the end of the three months I am tired of ALL of them! LOL

I know I didn’t keep this page up last year! LOL sorry about that! I had good intentions of keeping things going last year, I will try again this year, hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with everything! I will write something about each of the House Guest this year, even tho last year a crazy Joe fan wrote me a nasty letter!! LOL No I don’t know him! BTW  …….. expect what I write to be not so nice ….. on some of them!

Hopefully I will be back here talking about what we discovered on media day soon! Expect the unexpected!!