Missing Girl 14 Sandra Torress from Jefferson Parish

My daughter saw this picture on Facebook tonight and said hey I know her!!! She isn’t good friends with her but she has two classes with her. I don’t and neither does my daughter know anything about her. My daughter tells me her friend said the other day she sees the girl everyday at the bus stop, and someone in her class said the other day that “she had an “incident” and that was all I will say” …have no idea what that means LOL… so…… anyway she is missing

704Says she was last seen Feb 9, 2013  click this link for more information. JPSO Missing Person

If you have seen her or know where she is, please call the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit at (504) 364-5300 on the page they have a detective’s name but I don’t want to put it here, so if you’ve seen her visit the page 😉