Petition For Bayou Corne Sinkhole ~Please SIGN~

Recognize the sinkhole disaster in Bayou Corne, LA as a federal emergency, and assign a federal team to the efforts.

A little update on the Bayou Corne Sinkhole, it is now about 6 months since families were forced from the only homes they have ever known. It has been 6 months since Texas Brine was put in charge of studying this sinkhole that they are responsible for creating!! They are responsible for

1.) Vent the free gas from the water aquifier

2.) Determine the makeup of the sinkhole, and determine whether any future problems could occur

3.) STABILIZE the salt dome

So far they haven’t accomplished any ONE of those goals, and it’s been 6 MONTHS!!! We need help here, we really do. I don’t live there, but know people who do, they need help, they need more help than Texas Brine has thus far provided, they need more help than the state can even afford!


I didn’t create the petition, I only signed it. That’s all you need to do today, is sign it! If Obama can look and respond to the petition to make a Death Star, I think he has the right, and the ability to view this one!

We just need enough signatures!! Make this happen people, we need more eyes on this!! Sign it, Tweet it, Re-Tweet it, Facebook it, do whatever, but please HELP get the signatures needed!! I know we can make this happen!! They need 25,000 signatures by February 4th, so far they only have a little over 1,500, please make this happen!!

Recognize the sinkhole disaster in Bayou Corne, LA as a federal emergency, and assign a federal team to the efforts.

Thank you!!!

Please go to this page and watch the video:

LPB Louisiana


Additional info on the sinkhole can be found in the following links:

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You know what? As a Bayou Corne resident, I personally am sick of seeing our “no-show” governor and our state of Louisiana just sitting back and laying all of this on Texas Brine. There is no doubt in my mind that the cause of all of this is Texas Brine’s failed cavern, but we must all not forget that our very own Louisiana Department of Natural Resources was well aware of this breached cavern back in January 2011 and did nothing about it but slide it under the rug with no monitoring or consideration of potential problems that we are now facing as a result of that lack of action on the part of LDNR under the direction Joe Ball and James Welsh.

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