December 21, 2012 Will the World End? I don’t think it will, but…….

The End of The World??

As anyone with an internet connection, a television or friends anywhere in the world know, the world is supposed to end on this date. December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world, the Mayans predicted, well I don’t think they did predict the world would end, but that a change would occur. The Mayans weren’t alone in predicting this a lot of ancient cultures and peoples believe this to be the end, or a new beginning.

I honestly don’t know what is going to happen on Dec 21, but I hope I am wrong in thinking that many people’s lives will end on that day. Not because of something happening to the world, but because of the choices they made and will continue to make. I think on December 22 many people are going to wake up, and realize that they have “wasted” their lives preparing for the end of it. I think they will commit suicide, when they realize they wasted all their savings on bunkers, food … etc…


I hope I am wrong but I think we will keep hearing about people committing suicide up until December 21, 2012, and especially after it. I am worried because the people who have prepared for “the end of days” are armed to the teeth!!! I am not kidding, I have been to a few message boards and people really do believe that something will occur on that date, and they have even posted pictures and told of the arms they have in their possession.  I am also worried that maybe these people will commit crimes because “hey the world is ending anyway” or something like that 🙂


Some people think that the end of the Mayan calendar, will put us on some kind of embankment to another plane, or something like that. LOL I don’t really understand it but they think we will be ascended to a higher plane of existence, this one doesn’t sound too bad 😉 Basically this means that we will no longer have to put up with the bullshit TPTB (The Powers That Be) decide to put on us, hey I would love that!! These people think that on December 21 we will have some kind of enlightened moment and those of us who chose to “ascend” will do so, the others will be left behind. They think that the Earth will be in alignment with the “galactic plane”, and this will cause people to ascend, to something higher, an ascension of consciousness. This doesn’t sound too bad, it would mean no more war, no more starving children, no more murder, no more any BAD things that happen to us as humans.


Do I think any of these things will happen? No, I can’t say that I do …… I will however go to the store and buy a few cans of food, I do think my son would starve if anything were to happen, he eats NOTHING!!! I will get some water, I’m running low anyway, I will make sure my car is gassed up and ready to go, not because I think anything will happen. but because I believe those who do THINK something will happen may try to make it happen. These are things I do every year for hurricane season anyway, can food can always be used or donated, water will always be needed and gas, well that will always be used. I don’t believe that anything of significance will happen on this day. What about the people who do believe that something will occur? What about those people. Can you imagine waking up on December 22, and finding out you were wrong? Finding out you wasted your whole life savings? Finding out that you “wasted” your whole life doing something/preparing for something you fully believed would happen? I can’t.

Well I wouldn’t want to be one of those people on December 22!!

I hope everyone I know stays safe and doesn’t try or do anything drastic come December 21, 2012/ December 22, 2012, I hope everyone I know will stay safe. People not all of them… but people are evil, they will not hesitate to take you out with them. I hope I am wrong……….

I leave you with this, please listen to his words 🙂 Stay safe, and Happy Holidays!!