I hope Jovan Belcher rots in HELL!!!

I think the world has gone insane!!! I read anything about Jovan Belcher and it makes me sick to my stomach! People in the media are making him out to be some kind of a hero, or a victim!! It makes me so angry to read anything about him, that makes it seem like he is a victim!!

Let’s talk about the real victim here:


This is his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, who he murdered!! Before killing himself in front of his coach and general manager, this is the woman he shot and killed.


This is their child who now has to grow up with NO parents!!!

I don’t care about how he played in college or in the NFL, I don’t care about his teams winning score, I don’t care that they won the game following him MURDERING his girlfriend!! I honestly don’t care about anything having to do with him. He murdered this girl shot her nine, yes NINE times killed her, and then like the coward that he was killed himself! I hope he rots in hell!!

I do believe concussions received while playing football may have caused him to commit these horrible acts, but he still doesn’t get a pass from me. The only people I feel sorry for are her parents, her child, his coach, and his general manager, as they are the ones who had to watch him die. I hope Kasandra Perkins, will RIP, and I hope her child will grow up well and without having to answer  the question “where are your parents?” too many times 😦


Maybe tomorrow the world will get it’s mind back and realize that she was the real victim here, maybe tomorrow the world will realize that their daughter is the real victim here, maybe tomorrow we will see specials on their lives, not his life. Maybe the world will realize she was the victim of domestic violence, but until then I hope she rests in peace, and may their daughter be blessed.  😦