Mystery Explosions … all around the world?

On October 15th, at about 11:30 in Minden LA there was an explosion at Camp Minden. Camp Minden is an old facility that houses US Army munitions. There were reports from all over the night the explosion happened where people said they saw something in the sky, like a meteor. These reports are all the way from Texas, to Louisiana, even saw a few from Arkansas in there. Anyway the next day they said nope your all wrong there was no meteor it was the munitions bunker and it exploded. What MADE it explode? Today they said what exploded was a smokeless powder and it would not harm anyone outside of Camp Minden.

We may never know the truth about what happened that night in Minden LA, but people miles away from the bunker had their windows blown out!

I know we are in an “active” meteor spot right now, the Orionids lit up the sky last night as they peaked in their visibility. The Orionid Meteor shower happens every year as we, the Earth passes through the tail of Halley’s Comet. It got it’s name because it appears in the constellation of Orion. Knowing this I still think there is more to the stories that have been coming out.  I just don’t know what that “something” is …… yet!

I’m not saying aliens are attacking us, or that North Korea got their shit together and have attacked us, or that crazy Iran has decided to start a war that would end with their ultimate demise. I just think there is more to the stories that have been coming out.

On Tuesday October 16 a fireball was seen over Washington DC and in that general area:

Tuesday night, around 7 p.m., several witnesses report seeing a fireball streak across the sky in the Washington, D.C. region.

“I was walking to Alliance Francaise from the Zoo metro stop around 7 p.m. last night, and I saw a white light in the sky zip past overhead, and then go out with a small boom while still traversing the sky,” emailed Victoria Hall.

Possible fireball seen over Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Tuesday evening

Early in the morning of October 16 in Huntsville AL, there was another explosion this time it seems it was simple human error at work. A man who was handling a small explosive when it went off. This story hasn’t changed much since it was first reported. So I think we can safely say this was a case of human error.

Investigation continues into Redstone Arsenal explosion, man’s injuries ‘non life-threatening’

Then in California on Wednesday October 17 another fireball was seen in the sky and a boom was heard.

This image of the California fireball was taken on Oct. 17, 2012, by Rachel Fritz and Rick Nolthenius of Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA.

Stunning meteor lights up California sky

In England on October 18, the police were inundated with calls from worried citizens that a bomb had gone off. They later found it was a meteor that had exploded, and caused a sonic boom.

Police inundated with calls after sonic boom from meteor rocks Devon and Cornwall

Sonic boom rocks southwest England

Yesterday in South Jersey another sonic boom, and the ground shook.

M0.0 – New Jersey (sonic Boom?)

Sonic boom in South Jersey causes ground shaking: officials

Sonic boom shakes South Jersey Video

In the above article they say it was a military airplane that caused the sonic boom that happened. Nevermind that in the beginning no one knew what had occurred and military denied it was them, anyway now they say it was military and that’s what caused the sonic boom. Just like the explosion at Camp Minden, at first they didn’t know what had caused the explosion, they didn’t find out till the next day, that a bunker had exploded!

Do I think all these incidences are connected? No, not really but ya gotta admit it’s pretty strange that in the past week soooo many of them have happened.  Are we in a “secret” war? and if we are with who? Are we traveling through a particularly “dirty” part of space right now?

If they are related who is responsible? Aliens? America? The Russians? Korea? Iran? Israel? The UN? NATO? I don’t know if they are related in any way, but if they are and if our government is hiding something, I think it will come out soon as to exactly WHAT it is they are hiding. Look at Benghazi at first we we told it was all because of a stupid YouTube video but the truth came out! Everyday we learn more about what happened there, I think the same will happen with this.