NOLA Mother kills her two children, charged with 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder

23 year old Chelsea Thornton was arrested for murdering her two children, she was charged with 1st degree murder. Police say she confessed last night as they were questioning her, police say the woman confessed to shooting her 3 year old son, and then drowning her 4 year old daughter. Her mother talked to the news stations around here and says that the woman suffered from bipolar schizophrenia and had a long history of mental illness. She had stopped taking her medicine.

Neighbors say the family had just moved into the area about a week ago, one man the were talking to last night said the mother would walk her kids to school every morning and then walk to go get them every afternoon.

Thornton appeared before a judge today and told the court she shot her son in the head and then drowned him in the bathtub, she went to shoot her daughter but the gun malfunctioned so she drowned her instead.

How horrible, may Kendall and Kelsey Adams RIP 😦

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