Bayou Corne Sinkhole and Explosion in Minden Louisiana

I thought I’d give you guys an update on the sinkhole saga at Bayou Corne, I haven’t heard anything mentioned on our news about it STILL ….  AGAIN …whatever you want to call it. So once again all the information I have on the sinkhole is stuff I’ve found on the internet.

Brine is a solution of salt (usually sodium chloride) in water. In different contexts, brine may refer to salt solutions ranging from about 3.5% (a typical concentration of seawater, or the lower end of solutions used for brining foods) up to about 26% (a typical saturated solution, depending on temperature). >

From Wikipedia

Today they started to pump out barrels of crude oil, the crude oil is stored in the cavern. They were pumping crude and probably LOTS  of radiation out and pumping brine in, to stabilize the cavern …for every barrel of crude they removed …they pumped a barrel of brine in.

They still don’t know how or why the sinkhole formed, they are still testing things to figure out just what happened.

Oil in cavern and sinkhole being move

A map of the sinkhole and the salt caverns that are being affected by it:

Source: Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness


Meanwhile 50 miles away Lake Peigneur continues to bubble, with no clue what the bubbles are there is no way to tell if it is connected to what is going on at Bayou Corne or not. I just learned about this but in 1980 a man-made disaster occurred here creating the largest waterfall in the history of Louisiana, and turned a freshwater lake into a salt water lake! You can read more on it here:

Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom


What’s going on at Bayou Corne? Your guess is as good as mine …….. Anyway here are some links talking about the sinkhole:

La. sinkhole, bubbling gas linked to Texas company

Giant Louisiana sinkhole grows to 4 acres


Now onto the explosion that happened north of the sinkhole, but is just as strange! I made a post on here the other day about it you can read about it here  and I got to say it hasn’t gotten any less weird since then! Today they finally released footage of the explosion captured by a security camera at Lott Service Center it isn’t on YouTube as far as I know so you’ll have to go here to see it:

More on Camp Minden Explosion  Lingering questions loom over officials head

Now that is a BIG explosion!! It is possible that it did indeed come from a bunker, the question still remains how/why did that bunker explode? Was the company’s webpage hacked? It doesn’t look like a defense contractor for the military put it up, designed it or anything like that, it’s very ….. well BAD! The reason that I ask this is because the company said that nobody works down in those bunkers, that robots work down there.

In the picture below you can see the explosion all the way at the bottom, it was picked up on the Bayou Corne helicorder.

About the people seeing things in the sky, does anyone who live there have cameras. phones anything that could take video? If they do I have seen any proof of what they say they saw! Is the government really trying to silence these people?I don’t know, but I do believe the did see SOMETHING in the sky that night. Was it a missile? Aliens? A meteor? Space Junk? A Space Weapon?  I’m not sure, but I do believe the explosion and the sightings are connected.

I guess we’ll have to wait on anything more about the explosion because Explo, hasn’t commented they have canceled all their press conferences that they had scheduled, with NO explanation given, and their webpage is a joke! Maybe by the weekend Explo can lick their wounds and heal enough to give us the real story.

More on the explosion:

All quiet about Webster Parish explosion

And this is like the only article I could find today! It’s like once again we have a media blackout on all information!! Smells fishy to me!!