Congrats Ian on your BB win! #BB14 #BBLF




Another year of Big Brother has come and gone! I am so happy Ian won!! I love Dan heck I even liked Danielle, but I am soooooo happy Ian won!!

Dan got second place with only one vote, Danielle remained “misted” until the very end. ………. and Danielle went home with nothing but her stipend, which is kinda sad… I really think she could use the money for the YEARS of therapy she is going to need when she gets out and Googles herself!!

I think Dan lost the jury with his answers and with his speech, Ian had a great speech!! I thought Dan should have won, he was running the house the whole season, and he was personally responsible for many of their evictions, which is also why I think he didn’t win. I think he musta washed all his mist off of himself when he took a very looooong shower after the “Hook, Line, and Sinker” part of the HOH!


I could NOT believe Frank won America’s Choice!! I think only one vote counted there and that is Allison Grodner’s vote!! I don’t think many people voted for him, but Ian winning the year kinda made me forget about that injustice!!

All of you played a great game, well except Danielle, the only reason I liked her was because of how CRAZY she was!! LOL She was seriously whacked out! I loved her on the feeds tho, she kept them interesting! Even when there was nothing going on in the house, she would tell “stories” about other HG’s and I was like ……. whaaaat? When did that happen?? LOL

Seriously Shane I think you are going to need a restraining order!!

Britney looked beautiful BTW!

I also think they talked to Jodi more than anyone did for the 6 hours she was on the show!

They did talk to everyone, I have pictures of everyone, but those were the only memorable ones for me!

Till BB15!  Congrats @TulaneTerry I am so happy you won! You played a great game!