Finally my internet is back!!!! and AT&T you still suck!

OK so those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I was without internet following Hurricane Isaac 😦

I’m not sure what the problem was, except that AT&T was not listening to me, or even had me on their list to fix. I called them nearly every day for over a week to figure out why my internet was out, their excuses were multiple!! Also they were BS, they told me a DSLAM was out and it was under water, well I looked up DSLAM and there is NO way that one was ever under water!! My neighbor who lives right across the hall from me had internet, no problem, there are many people in my neighborhood who have AT&T internet, and I don’t think any of them had any problems with their internet. Friday the guy I talked to told me they couldn’t send anyone out to my house because they were told we were under water??? WTF yeah I’m sitting on a raft floating in my living room, talking to you about my internet being out!  I was soooo angry!! I never even saw a single AT&T truck anywhere near where I live! Everytime I would call them they would give me the whole it’ll be fixed in four hours story, blah blah blah!!!

So yesterday they told me someone would be out here to fix it, they never showed and I was told that was because we had bad weather!! The weather here has been perfect, it only started to rain after they were supposed to be here! So I called them back, they said someone would be out here today, and they did come!!! Woooooo whoooooo!!!!!

Now to call AT&T back and get them to credit my bill for the time I was without internet!


One thought on “Finally my internet is back!!!! and AT&T you still suck!

  1. Yes art does stink…I used to work tech support for Internet Dept there and they always had ppl wanting to cancel their service…sorry u have to go through that…

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