Hurricane Isaac, Lack of Updates, and maybe Bye Bye Britney :( #BB14 #BBLF

So the last few days around here have been CRAZY!!! I’ve been trying to get ready for Hurricane Isaac, and the feeds have been crazy too!! I didn’t get to watch all of this unfold the other day, so I will have to FlashBack to it …….. whenever this storm passes us up!

I don’t know how he did it, but he did it! Dan had a funeral which I did see I just missed the aftermath of all of that, anyway he said nice things to or about everyone, said something mean to Danielle, and then went up to talk to Frank! I don’t know what he said or how he did it, but somehow in ONE conversation with Frank, he got Frank to trust him! This is how the meeting ended:

Ian won a POV because of Pandora’s Box, then they played for POV and Jenn won it!! I don’t know how all of this happened but Dan talked Jenn and Frank into using the POV

Today was the POV ceremony and Jenn used the POV on Dan, and Frank put up Britney!! I’m kinda sad I really like Britney and will miss her 😦

I didn’t even get to see what all happened after the POV ceremony and I have no idea if it’ll be Britney or Danielle leaving on Thursday, or if I’ll even have power on Thursday to watch the show!

The BB house is filled with Drama!! and so is my own!

Hurricane Isaac will be here tomorrow I have a webcam set up, so if you want to see the hurricane you can here, everything is picked up we have water and food, now we just sit here and wait, and hope that things don’t get too bad!!

Hurricane Isaac