Bye Bye Boogie!!! and Ashley!!

Last night was another live show and another eviction! Boogie left but I was happy with the way he exited the house, and I’m sure Ian is going to LOVE him tipping his hat to him!! LOL

Loved Britney’s goodbye message to Boogie!!!

During the second eviction Ian won the HOH and nominated Frank and Ashley, Frank won POV booooo, and he nominated Joe, Joe gave one of the best “don’t evict me speeches” ever!!! I think I may start to like Joe, my daughter thinks Joe gave his speech so Ashley wouldn’t understand him!! LOL

Here is his speech! or lack there of!!

After all of that the feeds came back on, and HOH hadn’t been played yet I was about to give up on even trying to watch them they were all kinds of choppy!! Danielle was crying why I don’t know, because feeds sucked last night! Sometime at the beginning of BBAD they played the HOH competition and guess who won ………. Farty Frank!! He was planning on nominating Dan and Danielle last night, and he still TRUSTS Ian!! I love it!! I was really …. REALLY hoping for Franks eviction last night but it wasn’t meant to be!

And once again I feel the need to say you don’t like my blog? I don’t care LOL DON’T FUCKING READ IT!!! LOL I never understand why people comment on things they “don’t like” do they think it’ll somehow change that? Will it make me write about something different? Will I go away? I’m not really sure, and I don’t really care!!