Happy Birthday Haleigh!! and Look who’s nominated!!

LOL sorry about doubling up on the posts but I would like to talk about two things today!

First of all Happy birthday Haleigh Cummings!! I hope one day you are found 😦 I know one day you will be found! I can’t believe they haven’t found you yet 😦

Hope they find you soon 😦


Now onto who is nominated! It’s Boogie and Frank!! Will Frank finally leave??? Or will it be Boogie?? I don’t know and don’t care which one go but ….. I do KNOW that one of them have to leave NOW!!! I just can’t with either of them Frank is so cocky with Boogie in the house and Boogie is…….  just an ass!! Boogie thinks he owns this game and needs to be kicked out of it, or at least knocked down a peg or two or……  FIFTY!!


POV is tomorrow, and I am really REALLY …… REALLLLY hoping Britney wins it!! Would love to see Boogie and Frank try and squirm their way up her butt!!