Shane won the VETO ……. AGAIN!!

It looks like we have a new comp king!! Third time Shane played in the POV and third time he won!! LOL I don’t know what this mean for his future in the game nut wow he is a beast!!!

Nominated right now are Joe and Ashley with the looks like Joe is the one leaving Thursday!! This week has the potential to be very good!! With Joe on the block things may get a little bit crazy!! On slop is Joe and Ian, Ian volunteered, he wants to be the person who has been on slop more than anyone ever! …….. OK……

Not sure why Shane doesn’t want to put up Frank, but right now I think it’s good they will need Frank next week to get out some of the vets!

This is what is going on in the house right now, Janelle just offered her ring to Brit and Shane they get to keep it for 3 weeks LOL downstairs I’m not sure what they are saying am watching upstairs right now!