Another show down and another player bites the dust!

So tonights show didn’t offer much of anything 😦 JoJo was evicted by a vote of 5-1, once she was evicted Julie tells us that this week “America” will be voting on whether the coaches enter the game or not. Oh and I almost forgot Shnae won the POV!!! Woooooo WTG Shane!! I love Britney and can’t deny that I am happy that she will be sitting pretty in the HOH room for another week!!

So anyway back to the coaches and their coming back into the game ….. or NOT!! I really don’t wanna see them back, as much as I love Britney and Dan, I don’t want them to have another shot at the prize! They had their shots once, some of them twice, and for some this would be their third try!!! Sorry but if you couldn’t do it the first time, what makes you think I wanna give you a second try!!

I guess it is pointless to post this crap here, cause I know “America” will vote the coaches in 😦 apparently they love to see people do again what they should have done the first time, I don’t care to see that tho, I’d like to see a newbie win this season, whether I like them or not, it’s the newbs turn to win!!

So Shane won HOH, who do I think he’ll put up, well I think it’ll be Joe and Wil, however I think if Shane knew how BB was about to fuck him over I think he’d go with Frank!!

and here are the HG’s tonight!:

Shane and Danielle talking


and Wil