#BB14 Day 15 in the BB house!! Boy has it been a day!!

Day 15 in the BB House and boy what a day!!!!! I don’t have pictures of ny of this cause all during it this is all we saw


So what went on throughout those hours we were blocked, we’ll Willie last weeks HOH, who lost his power last night to Frank who is the current HOH. Today they had a coaches competition the winner of that comp could keep a player safe or trade a player to another coach, Janelle won that comp today and kept Ashley safe, she also chose to put Britney’s team on slop for the week. So right after that the feeds came on, and Willie was throwing a fit, he said he would be kicked out before he was evicted this week.


And he was!!! Sometime after the feeds went off Willie walked into the bathroom and head butted Joe, then chest bumped him then had some words for him, they called him to the DR but before he went he threw Pork Rinds at Janelle and called her a bitch!!! The the HG’s heard Allison Grodner’s voice over the speakers and she said he was gone and not coming back!!

So Willie is gone, and he sucks cause I’m sure if he had stayed the POV comp would’ve been something like where does this Lugnut fit on a tugboat comp!!!! I don’t think AG would have been willing to part with Willie so easily, but he chose the coward’s way out!!

So WTG you pussy Willie, you got kicked out of BB and lost your chance at half a million dollars!!! I really hope that head butt was worth it, and I hope we get to see it!!!!!!


So here are the HG’s tonight, in the kitchen Ian was telling the story of Willie’s um kicked out ness…… LOL , and in the HOH JoJo is talking constantly trying to save her ass this week!!