#BB14 Feeds have only been on for 5 days and it feels like weeks!

OK so I didn’t watch as much of the feeds as I normally would have the past few days, but now I’m home so back to feed watching 😉

Wow, feeds have only been on 5 days and it feels like they’ve been on for weeks!! So much going on, they keep talking about game like 24/7!  The past few days have been crazy in the BB house, Janelle and Britney seem to have had a falling out of sorts, I don’t know what happened or what was said.

Anyway today Willie called a house meeting, everyone was invited except the coaches,

So the newbies went up to the HOH room and he told them all they need to stop playing the game for their coaches … blah blah blah, anyway when the meeting ended everyone ran to tell their coaches what he said LOL

Happening right now, Willie and JoJo are talking in the HOH room, and Frank and Jenn are talking in the shoe room: