#BB14 Updates from last night

OK so I’m trying to get things straight with the feeds, usually I would have pictures up on this page. but I can’t get any viewer to work!!! I could take screen shots “the old fashioned way” but I don’t feel like it! So what happened last night, I went to bed about 4 my time this morning and they were still up, so after that point I have no idea!

Last night the feeds started off pretty good, they had a girl’s night, Janelle and Britney have teamed up!!! So the girls were upstairs drinking alcohol, and the guys were downstairs, they were in the HOH room, playing “never have I ever”, it was nice to kinda get to know them. Then Britney came in to talk to current HOH Willie, who has already been talked to by Boogie, and IMO Boogie really worked him over! Right now Kara (Dan’s team) and Frank (Boogie’s team), are nominated, Dan and Boogie are working together, so the girl’s teamed up! It didn’t seem like Willie was willing to budge on wanting Kara (?) out, he thinks she is a bigger threat!! WTH? Anyway he thinks Kara is so kind of genius! LOL

Ashley was in pain and on pain meds last night, after sleeping in the have-not room, her back was hurting, she was fucked up! LOL They let her sleep upstairs in the HOH room because she couldn’t walk down the stairs!!

Ian doesn’t seem to be liked 😦 They think he, JoJo, and Danielle are annoying. They were saying Ian needs to go 😦

Wil was upset because he said JoJo stole his beer, girl’s night was supposed to include him, but JoJo took his beer and drank like a third of it, he wouldn’t let it go and was telling anyone who would listen about it!

Dan had a talk with Kara, told her to come to him, next time anyone comes up to her and tells her something, I think Boogie went up to her and told her the girls don’t like her and want her out, that’s not true!

Boogie and Janelle talked about their babies and what kinds of foods they eat, it was very weird!!!

So far the plan according to Willie is to target Kara and evict her, according to the rest of the house the plan is to evict Frank! POV is today so we’ll wait and see who wins!!

Hopefully sometime soon they update one of the players so I can add screenshots! 🙂

Till next time happy big brother!