First Episode of Big Brother just aired! #BB14

So the first episode of Big Brother just aired!! I can’t wait for the feeds to start!! So to sum up the first episode, first we met the new HGs who did not get keys they only got invitations to the Big Brother house, they enter the house and are soon followed by Dan, Britney, Boogie, and Janelle!!

They will be the players coaches, Julie, tells them they didn’t get keys because there are only 11 to give away, each “legendary” player will have to pick a team, the first one to win the competition will get to pick who they want to be the HOH, and the last one will get to pick someone who will leave the house.

Britney goes first and picks Shane, next up is Boogie, he picks Frank, next is Janelle who picks Wil with one L, last is Dan he picks Kara, they switch times to pick so Dan goes first anyway the teams are:

Britney: Shane, Willie, JoJo

Boogie: Frank, Ian, Jenn

Janelle: Wil, Ashley, Joe

Dan: Danielle, Kara, Jodi

They play the game and Britney’s team wins!!! Janelle came in second, Boogie third and Dan fourth, this means Britney can pick a person from her team to be HOH, and Dan has to pick one of his to send home! Britney picks Willie to be HOH, and Dan picks Jodi to go home!

For a first episode it was OK, I was kinda sad to see Jodi leave, I would have liked to get to know her a little better. Other than that I think I may like this new twist, it’ll be interesting to see who listens to their mentors and who doesn’t and who has a problem with what their mentors tell them etc..

I’ll be up tonight watching the feeds!!