Well it’s official, players will be returning to the BB house this year! #BB14

This is the picture CBS tweeted out earlier, so I guess it’s official, those legs look like they belong to Boogie, Britney, Dan and Janelle, so I guess those are going to be your mentors this year! I really hope they don’t have a chance to play the game or to try and win it, I love Britney and Dan, but it would suck to have another year like last year 😦

About this picture, LOL at Wil’s speedo with the bow on it!! Joe looks kinda creepy, and why is Ian wearing tennis shoes??  The girls all look nice, kinda disappointing there isn’t much male eye candy this year, but to be honest I watch BB for the fights, let’s hope there’s lots!  LOL

So here are the HG’s and the mentors! Enjoy! If you haven’t signed up for live feeds yet, you still have time the sale doesn’t end till July 11!