Big Brother 14 and The Mentors twist …. :( #BB14

So tonight the last of the four mentors was named…. and I must say I’m a little less excited about BB this year 😦

If this is a true BB Spoiler, I am most unhappy about it!! Who are the mentors you ask? Well you couldn’t get on twitter Facebook or any other site tonight without knowing who they are supposed to be! They are being mentioned everywhere if you follow BB kinda stuff!

Here are your mentors for BB14

First one up is Mike “Boogie” I really don’t know much about him, I didn’t watch BB back then, but I do know that Boogie has been arrested and also in trouble or something for an online scam involving sex with older men on Craig’s List ??? I must admit I’m not looking forward to seeing him on BB this year, he’s just ewwww! I really don’t even know what is was he was in trouble for but I do know it involved older men and sex ……. so….. Anyway if you want to read more about Boogie and his legal nightmares you can do so here: Boogie and this: Boogie Gay?   There are many more, but I’m sure you get the idea, gross I’m sorry I goolgled him!!

Onto the next one!

OK on this one there were way better pictures I could have chosen, but I chose not to post them! 🙂 LOL This one would be Janelle Pierzina, in this pic she was a wanted woman LOL Anyway I don’t know much about her, but do know many BB fans do love her……… why, I don’t know because again.. I didn’t watch BB back then, but anyway if you want to read more about her wanted status you can do so here: The Smoking Gun  Anyway she had a baby recently so I don’t know how likely she is to come back anyway.

The next player that is rumored to be a mentor is:

Dan Gheesling , and quiet honestly I have nothing bad to say about him, I loved Dan in his season he was great! Many people thought he kinda floated to the end but I don’t think that at all, the only thing I’m kinda wondering about was he got married last year so what does him going on BB do to his marriage, well I don’t think it can hurt it.  I would be happy to see Dan return to BB, but I just don’t think it will happen!

The last and final mentor will be ……… wait for it ………..

This is the one I’m most concerned about!!! LOL I dont like her at all!! This would be Rachel Reilly this would also be last years winner of BB, this would also be season 12 returnee!! I am not willing to sit through Rachel being on BB three years in a row!! Not only that but she was also on The Amazing Race this year, if three times the Rachel wasn’t enough for you in two years, let’s make that four times the Rachel!!! LOL NO THANKS BB!!! I will not watch her again this year, last year was OK and I don’t watch The Amazing Race so two times Rachel was enough for me!! I wasn’t happy about her being back last year, I will certainly not watch this year if she’s back again!!

So I pray the BB “spoilers” are untrue, I don’t want to see Rachel back on BB, and I really don’t care to see Boogie on there either, and dare I say I don’t care to see Janelle either, she never won BB!!

If the BB mentors rumor is true, I will skip BB this year! I don’t care to see most of them anyway, and the only one I would like to see back can’t make up for those that I don’t want to ever see on my TV/computer/iPad……..  Again or ever.

Honestly I don’t think this mentors rumor is true! Just because Dan is now married, Jannelle had a baby, Boogie was sued and Rachel is getting married!! I can’t see Janelle leaving her baby, Boggie leaving his “Uncle Jerry”, Dan leaving his wife, or Rachel leaving her “Bookie”, she is also in Costa Rica right now, if you believe her twitter!! So as the time passes until the cast of BB14 is revealed I will be praying and hoping that this rumor is just not true!

If you’d like more information about this rumor go  here: Joker’s Updates or you can see all this crap on Twitter,  just search for #BB14