So here’s what happened today!

OK so my cousin’s murder case went before the grand jury today, they left this morning at 6 am so they could be in Amite, LA for the start of it. The guy who shot and murdered my cousin told police the night he did it that he did indeed do it! So I’m not sure why they had to go to grand jury, but they did. Today the DA said they are going for life in prison for 2nd degree murder, and that she doesn’t see how he’ll get out of it! That seems like a relief to me, but hey I thought baby killer would be sentenced to death for killing her baby!! Anyway they say it’ll probably be a year before it goes to trial, they can’t even call some of the witnesses because they were too intoxicated to give them a clear idea of what happened.

So that’s what happened today in court, I don’t guess I’ll be writing about it again till it goes to trial.