So tonight was um…. Interesting!!

So tonight was rather interesting! My hubby and I were watching TV, when all of a sudden we hear glass breaking!! I was like OMG what was that and I look over to our window, and see there is what appears to be a bullet hole in it!!! So I called 911, seemed to take the police FOREVER to get here, when the cop finally showed up, he didn’t t seem bothered by it!! Told us it musta been a BB!! I plan to search the room tomorrow to try to find it, whatever it may be!!

I will also post the pics I have of it tomorrow, I don’t know how to do it from the iPad!!

There is glass all over my room, for the night was taped up the window with duct take!

Thankfully no one was hurt, but it sure scared the crap outta us!! 🙂 my hubby had just seconds before it happened walked past that window, also glad neither one of the cat’s were in there!

So goodnight sweet dreams!!

So here are the pictures of the bullet hole! I haven’t yet found the bullet but I’m hoping to soon!

yeah that’s a BB, my ass!! Looks like a bullet!

and here is the side of the house where we think it ricocheted into the window

and here is a better picture of the screen!

So I have been most unseuccesful in finding anything that could have gone through the screen and the window inside, outside there is a gigantic bush outside my window so I don’t think I’ll be able to find anything if it’s down there, I’ve set up webcams around the house! LOL If they come back I hope to catch them!

Here is the view from outside!

Upon further review it appears to be at least the second time my apartment has been shot at!

Here is a little bit better picture from outside, it doesn’t look like one bullet could do that, what do you think?