My daughter, her teacher, and her grade!! Do teachers give grades based on who they like?

LOL As many of you who follow me on twitter know, my daughter currently has an F in social studies, she has worked hard all year long, and even went to tutoring, for a while till I saw it wasn’t doing much to help her in any way, could be because they have one social studies tutoring class with 6th-8th grade and they are teaching her in tutoring about the States, and in class she is learning about world history.

Anyway last month she came home with a project it was due May 1, it was supposed to be on current events, so we worked on it the week before it was due. I thought she did a good job, anyway here are the events she chose to include in her project, it was supposed to be a current events scrap book, and the question who, what, where, when why needed to be attached to each article,here is the response I got from her teacher on WHY she got a C:



here is the first page of her book:


First of all I don’t know what is incomplete about this!!! My cousin WAS shot, by a CRAZY man!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know what is marked on the article itself but my daughter tells me she was marking out stuff that didn’t matter ?????

This is the second page:

This one seems to be OK, to her teacher.

This is the third page, the front of it:

and the back

Again, I don’t understand what is incomplete about what is written up there!! The space shuttle enterprise went into New York!!!! Again I don’t know why the article itself is marked on, there are three pages stapled on there, and if she actually read it it wouldn’t be hard to follow!!

This the the next page:

So the top part of this page got cut of during the scan, and it took so long to scan, I don’t feel like doing it again!!! LOL Anyway again this page is checked, and nothing marked INC, I don’t know what those marks on the article itself are, but I didn’t write it, the marks or the article!!!!

This is the next page:

and this is the back:

Again this page seems fine!!

This is the next page, and honestly this is the page I think upset her teacher the most!!! LOL Her teacher loves Obama, and I’d like to know how she expects an 11 year old to come up with anything different than what is written!!

That is not really INC. nor is it inaccurate!! Anyway here is the back!

Onto the next page!

This is the next page that she got marks on, first of all I’m not sure I understand how it’s INC, the who, what blah blha blah …..  basically says the same thing the headline does, and here’s the back of that page:

I really really would like to know why the newspaper article itself is marked up!!! My daughter didn’t write it!! She was told to get newspaper clippings or articles from online and use those!!! It’s not like she wrote the article itself!!!

This is the next page:

So the front has marks on it, I don’t know why!!!!?? But the back is where my problem is she marked it as INC again!!!!:

OK so the who what when where why are all there, and they all fit the article that is posted, I’m not sure I understand the INC mark here either!!!! It is about Roger Goodell and his making a decision on what s going to happen to the Saints players!!! This was turned in on May 1, 2012, so his decision hadn’t yet come down!!!!

Next we have an article about Egypt, it got a check and no INC on it so I’m not going to put it up here! 😉 Then we have an article about Syria it also received a check and no INC, Next is an article about Sharks and their possibly going extinct, check no INC, next up is an article on babies being born addicted to drugs, again a check and no INC, then we have an article about Kyrgyzstan’s Eternal flame going out! They didn’t pay their gas bill and they cut them off!! LOL anyway it also receives a check and no INC, Up next we have an article about Google’s cloud problem, again a check and no INC, Next is an article from the Time Picayune, it is about the Saints and their history of drafting late, check no INC, Up next is an article about Walmart and their issues with bribery, check NO INC!!! Next we have an article about Monster fossil called “godzillus” found in Kentucky, again check no INC. Up next is an article about the puppy who was one the runway this article has marks on it, I’m not sure why but ultimately it is given a check, and there is no INC on it!!

Here’s the next page she marked on the front:

The back I see she marked the part where my daughter wrote “I think”, this is the only one I see where the problem is

The rest of the book isn’t even marked on, it’s like she didn’t even look at it!!!!! There are no checks on it, nothing to indicate to me that she even tried to read any of it!!!

Fir those wondering what the topics she chose to do in that part they are this first up an article about pigeons and how the use Earth’s magnetic field, next about a lost dolphin that wandered into  the wetlands in California, then an article about Eagles and how they can’t keep up with the demand for dead eagles and/or eagle parts for Native Americans, next an article on how tigers got their stripes, then Jazz Fest, next Steve Jobs and how he planed to pull a “Willy Wonka”.

I am so angry she got a C, that book took both of us days to do, tons of paper and ink, heck it even broke one of our printers!! I guess my daughter is right her teacher doesn’t like her, but it pisses me off!!