What the????

OK so this morning on the Today show there was woman accused of letting her 5 year old daughter use a tanning bed.  The little girl went to school and told a kid in her class that she went and got a tan with her mom, a teacher overheard her and child services was called. This morning on the Today show the woman said that it was all a big misunderstanding!! That the little girl did not get into the tanning bed at all, that she got sunburn while playing outside.

Above is the woman and her child, first of all I have no idea if she let her daughter get into the tanning booth or not, so we’ll let the authorities see on that issue. Most importantly LOOK at her!!!! OMG if she isn’t a walking billboard on stay out of the sun and tanning booths I don’t know what is!! She looks like leather, I didn’t even think it was possible to get that dark!! I’d say she is definitely addicted to tanning, and really should find something else to do with her time!!! At first I thought they Photoshopped the image of her, but the moving video, tells me this may be real! LOL

It does appear that she went back to the tanning place since her arrest tho, in this picture she doesn’t look quite as bad:

So was this all a publicity stunt? Who knows…. but I think she needs to stay out of the tanning place FOR A WHILE!!!

Here is the Today show interview I saw this morning:

New Jersey tanning mom denies charges of child endangerment

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