My cousin =( May he RIP

Joseph Daigle


This is my cousin, he was murdered last night shortly before midnight. Joey and his girlfriend had a rocky relationship, they fought a lot, *they did love each other tho, very much it seems        ……  he had a horrible temper, they also used drugs, which I think did indeed play into what happened last night. I talked to her today, she *sounded loaded ……….. *I can’t be sure of that tho, she did sound very upset ……  very, very upset =( She was crying, sobbing when I talked to her. She told me last night they went to visit his uncle in Hammond, LA, they were over there and this guy Ronald Vail:

Kept making “passes” at her, she told me what he did say, and I’ll leave it up to your imaginations to figure it out, it was nasty, and look at him …….blech ….. … shivers! Anyway my cousin has always been a don’t back down from anyone kinda guy, so he told Ronald they were going to “take it outside”, that’s when Ronald grabbed a gun and BAM …. shot him! I’m still in shock, I don’t think it has hit me yet, that my cousin is dead.

His girlfriend said at first she didn’t realize she heard the gun, but she was standing next to Joey when he was shot, she said he fell onto her, and when she realized what happened she jumped and Joey hit the floor, they say he died instantly, he was shot in the heart, at least he didn’t suffer. She said she kept telling him “Joe wake up” but he wouldn’t. She told me she is still wearing her blood stained shirt she had on last night, because she doesn’t want to believe he is gone, and she doesn’t want to wash him down the drain. 😥

There was ONE man there who was sober, ONE and he saw everything! I think drugs caused this because well look at that guy! If he is straight, I’ll eat my shorts! LOL The shooting is still under investigation, so we’ll see, but I hope that man spends the rest of his miserable life in jail!

This all feels like a horrible dream! The coroners office is doing the autopsy tomorrow, then his family will make arraignments. It is all over our news down here, it’s horrible having to hear about it over and over, but I don’t think it’s set in that he is really dead! 😥

Here are some of the stories, surprisingly I can’t find a “local” link but it has been on every news cast that has come on:

Man arrested during homicide investigation

Deputies arrest Hammond man charged with murder

Hammond man booked on murder count

Man arrested for fatal shooting

RIP Joey love ya cuz 😥


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  1. this is so sad!! joe was a good guy !!! he loved his kids very much!!! he did struggle to make the better choices in life but he would do anything for you if you needed it!!! such a sad situation

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