Crime, Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and Black on Black crime

So recently I can’t even turn the TV on without hearing about Trayvon Martin, I can’t open my computer without reading about him, basically I can’t do anything without hearing Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman!!!

It is a tragedy that the kid died, but I don’t know what happened so I’m not going to talk about that. I will say that Zimmerman is an idiot, but you can’t hang someone for being an idiot, cause there would be many people hung, if that were the case!

What I want to talk about today is black on black crime, and how ridiculous this whole thing is! I understand Trayvon was somebody’s son but everyday somebody’s son/daughter is killed at the hands of another. Above you see a picture of Keira Holmes, a two year old caught in the cross fire of a drive by shooting. As some of you who visit my blog regularly know, in December a little girl who lived in New Orleans was killed, and her killers have not and there seems to be little to NO interest to bring them to justice. This enrages me, and it should enrage you too! Why are the murderers of this little girl walking free?? Where are the public cries of injustice? Where are the protests? The marches? The President of the USA speaking out on behalf of her? Where is Spike Lee? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? They are no where to be found, why? Well it is my opinion they are no where to be found in this case cause there is NO media interest in it.

Well I think it’s part of the community they live in and their fear of telling the police anything! I can’t say I blame them, but it pisses me off that the man who shot this little girl in cold blood is walking free today 😦

Actually I don’t know he is “walking free” but it pisses me off just the same!!

Orleans Parish DA drops murder charges in two high-profile cases

Narkee Hunter left had charges dropped against him, he is said to have been the trigger man in Keira’s murder and was arrested two days after her murder. I find it really hard to believe no one saw anything…… the man in the middle Terrioues “T-Red” Owney was charged with conspiracy to distribute heroine but was not booked on any murder charges, however police think he is withholding information about the shooting. The man on the right end is Tyrone Knockum and he was in jail last time the news mentioned him awaiting his preliminary hearing.

I don’t understand how or why one dead child, seems “news”worthy and others are swept under the rug, our justice system in broken! I remember the news in New Orleans at the time this little girl was murdered and I remember people calling for Marshall Law!!! People were angry, they were pissed, they were hurt and they were sad… it’s funny how quick that can change I guess.

The media has EVERYTHING to do with cases that are swept under the rug, so we forget, I just wonder what is their agenda in constantly reporting on Trayvon’s death? Is it to ignite a race war? I don’t know what their end goal is, but I’m not falling for it, I will wait till evidence is seen and heard that proves Zimmerman shot Trayvon in cold blood, or that he acted in self defense.