Why I’m on #TeamGleason ……..

So I’m sure many of you have wondered why I keep tweeting things that end in #TeamGleason ……… Well, it is because he is a man battling a disease, in 2011 he revealed he had ALS or also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease 😦

He is also a man who I much admire, for his will to live, and ….. his will to fight!!!

While many of you don’t know who he is, he is the man who blocked the first punt in the first quarter for the Saints vs. the Falcons , it was a game-changer …  that was recovered by Curtis Deloatch in the Falcons end zone, it scored a touchdown and was the first touchdown the New Orleans Saints had gotten in nearly 21 months since Hurricane Katrina, he will always be remembered here for that!! This was the first time the Saints had played in the Dome since Katrina!!!!

It is so sad that this man is battling this disease and many don’t even know who he is, or what disease he is battling …. 😦

I don’t know how to put into words what this man has been through, and will continue to go through, but THANK YOU STEVE GLEASON ……. for being such a powerful, and outspoken attitude not only about your illness, but also about New Orleans!

It seems a normality now, but when I first moved to New Orleans I was astonished by the closeness of the families I met. Moving here from Washington State in 2000 for my rookie year with the Saints was an eye-opening experience. From day one, I felt strangely connected, like family.

That year I remember being invited to Mark Hughes’ parents’ house for Christmas Eve. There must have been 100 people at the house, and they were all family members.

I made a remark about how amazed I was that all this family flew into New Orleans for Christmas that year. Mark promptly replied that no one had flown in, and, not only that, everyone lived within 10 minutes of the house.


When I met Michel, we had red beans and rice at her parents’ house. Her brothers, Vinnie and Paul Jr., drove a mile from their houses, and her grandfather walked a half block from his house to join us. Three generations within a mile of each other. Amazing.

From One of The Family,  Thank You:  Steve Gleason

Then Steve Gleason welcomed his son into this world!

Gleason who is suffering from A.L.S., Lou Gehrigs disease, made an emotional appearance at the Saints last home game in September against the Houston Texans, leading the Dome through its pregame “Who Dat” chant.

And now, less than a month later, he has his son, Rivers.

Congrats to all.

Steve Gleason Welcomes His Son
I have been entranced by his story ever since I first heard it, he is an amazing man with an amazing will to live and succeed, I think he gives us ALL hope!! Recently he recorded this video for his son in the future, it is most inspiring and greatest thing I’ve heard in a while: Love Letters I recommend watching both parts and having a Kleenex or two handy!

God bless you Steve Gleason, and your family!!

Lou Gehrig’s Disease

What Is Lou Gehrig’s Disease?

Always and forever a #TeamGleason supporter!!!

To learn more about Lou Gerhig’s disease please go here: Team Gleason