RIP Bradon and Charlie and Susan :(

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I write this today. It seems as tho the man who probably killed Susan Cox Powell, today made two more victims, his two young children. 😦 At about 12:30 today there was an explosion reported at his “home”, where his two children were visiting, it was later confirmed that the children were killed as well as their murderer. I have blocked his face out in that picture above because I can’t stand looking at him, and I think he ruins the picture.

I know Josh Powell killed Susan, don’t need anyone to confirm that for me, but now he has killed himself and his two young children. I don’t know how Susan’s parents are dealing with this, it is so tragic and could have been prevented! I wish them the best and hope they can find a little comfort in knowing that their grandchildren are now with their mother again, and they are at peace now. I also hope the judge in this case, looses his seat, how could they not know he was not only suicidal but also homicidal?

Today the social worker was bringing the kids to see Josh as part of a COURT ordered supervised visitation, when they ran ahead of her Josh pulled them inside and closed the door and locked it, the social worker then smelled gas, and went to get her phone, by the time she got to her car the explosion happened. I can’t imagine what she is dealing with either, and will pray for her. Those kids never should have been allowed to go anywhere near that maniac, and now they are dead.

Josh’s dad was arrested last year on child pornography charges, he’s also a sick SOB and I do hope someone takes him out in prison, it’ll make the world a better place. This case has had many ups and downs. Susan was reported missing in December, 2009,  her husband said he took his two sons camping at 12:30 at night on a night with temperatures near 0 degrees!!! When he came home and she was gone. Susan told her friends that she would never commit suicide, so if she was ever missing or she was found dead to know he killed her.

Josh you are an evil, sick SOB, and I hope you rot in hell for all eternity.

To Susan, Bradan, Charlie, Susan’s parents, friends,  and everyone who has followed this case, I pray for you! 😦 I can’t even imagine the pain they are going through right now, they fought so hard to give those boys a good life. May the boys and Susan RIP, and the truth about what happened to Susan soon be found out.

😦 😦 😦