February Tropical Storm?!!

Say what?? You heard that right, the National Hurricane Center is keeping it’s eye on an area of storms in the Gulf of Mexico!!

The area has already been called Invest 90L, and The Hurricane Center is watching it for possible development. Hurricanes and/or Tropical storms, form when the conditions are right and the water is hot, the water in the Gulf is at about 80 degrees so it’s at the threshold for storms forming! If this storm forms into something, it’ll be only the second storm to form in February, the first storm was the Groundhog Day storm of 1952, that tracked across Florida.

The calendar says it’s early February, but that is not stopping the tropics from trying to come alive in the south-central Gulf of Mexico.

The area of concern is a cluster of showers and thunderstorms spinning in the southern Gulf of Mexico, near the Yucatan Peninsula.

This rather weak area of low pressure has not only put the AccuWeather.com Hurricane Center on alert, but prompted the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Fla., to state, “this area is being closely monitored for possible further development.”

Tropical season in the Atlantic Basin is not confined to the months spanning June to November, but rather when the conditions are conducive.

Some of those key ingredients needed for the development of at least a subtropical depression (a system with partial tropical characteristics) are currently trying to come together in the south-central Gulf of Mexico.

Tropics Trying To Come Alive

So we shall see what comes of this! 2012 sure is starting off with a bang!