Fracking is BAD, but is it the cause of the strange sounds heard all around the world?

First of all I would urge you to please, please, please watch the movie “Gasland” it is a really good documentary about Hydraulic fracturing and it’s affects on the environment and people everywhere. It follows a journalist across the USA and documents the problems people who have allowed the gas companies to drill for Natural Gas on their land have come across. For instance this:

Water shouldn’t be flammable!! Anyway this guy isn’t the only one in the film who has problems with his water. Here is the trailer to the film:

What is fracking? Hydraulic fracturing is the way they get Natural Gas to come up from down below in the Earth, they inject millions of gallons of water and many harmful chemicals into the land, to break apart the rock and sands so it releases the gas.

Why ban fracking?

What is fracking? Gasland a film by Josh Fox

OK now that we have established that Fracking is a bad thing, let’s talk about the strange sounds heard all across the world. Could fracking be blamed for them? Well I don’t really know the answer to that question, but my guess is that yes, fracking can be blamed for at least some of the strange sounds! Here is a map of the places where fracking is allowed and does take place:

and here is a map with some of the strange sounds that have been heard all across the world:

Google Map

Looks like many of them are happening in places where fracking is allowed, not all of them are occurring where they are fracking, but some of them are. I think scientist or someone with more knowledge of this than myself needs to take a closer look at the sounds and their possible connection with fracking.

Some scientists have postulated that these strange sounds in the sky could have been created by “fracking”, rock bursts or the venting of high-pressure gas trapped deep within the Earth.  Any of those things can definitely produce noise, but it seems hard to believe that events such as those are responsible for all of the dozens of incidents that are being recorded all over the planet.

Strange Sounds

Others have said these sounds are warning from the Aliens, I don’t think I’d go there yet, I think the problem may be a little closer to home! Anyway here are a few videos of the strange sounds:

This was recorded in Louisiana



An unexplained rumbling disturbed hundreds of Windsor, Ont., residents this weekend to the extent that some thought it was an earthquake, prompting calls for Ottawa to step in.

Mysterious Noise escalates in Windsor

If you go to youtube and search for strange sounds you will find MANY more, although some of them are HOAXES, many of them are real.

We already know that fracking has and does cause earthquakes, here are a couple articles about it:

Youngstown, Ohio, had its 11th earthquake since St. Patrick’s Day on New Year’s Eve—a magnitude-4.0 on the Richter Scale, the highest to date.

My wife and I were in town visiting my 96-year-old grandmother and felt the mid-afternoon rattle shake the roof for five to 10 seconds.

What makes the minor rumble newsworthy is that until 2011, Youngstown had never had a recorded earthquake.

What changed? Fracking.

Youngstown Ohio

Recent earthquakes in Ohio and Oklahoma have been directly linked to deep wells used to dispose of liquid wastes for hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” of natural gas, according to geological experts.

Discovery News Fracking and Earthquakes

January 6, 2012. Youngstown, OH. When a 4.0 magnitude earthquake struck Youngstown, Ohio on Christmas Eve, an area not known for earthquakes, the event put the national spotlight on something energy industry experts have known since the 1960’s – fracking probably causes earthquakes.

States knew fracking causes earthquakes

So not only are they causing many people to have rotten, nasty and flammable water, they are also the cause for earthquakes. Many places here in the US have had many earthquake “swarms” in the past couple years, this is directly linked to fracking for natural gas. Can we also blame the strange sounds heard all around the world on fracking?

Dimock,PA  Someone standing with water they get after allowing the Gas Company to frack their land!

Today the man who made Gasland Josh Fox was arrested on Capitol Hill after Republican Lawmakers said he was there filming illegally!! This makes me so angry! I hope he got it all on film and that his arrest will wake a few more people up to the dangers of fracking! Congress has been bought and paid for by the corporations that are doing the fracking!! I say all those that voted on his arrest should  immediately lose their jobs, but that is not going to happen. I also think that every member of our Government should wear suits like they do in NASCAR, telling us who is paying them to make the laws that they make, who is their “sponsors”.

‘Gasland’ Filmmaker Arrested at Capitol Hearing

Huffington Post

Stop Fracking

Gasland Contact Elected Officials


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