Wow what a day!!!

So today started off with a bang!! Wikipedia shut down, Google blacked out, TwitPic even had a little black thing on their avatar!! I liked it and I congratulate each and every one of the sites that blacked out today! You brought attention to a problem the media was avoiding, you brought attention to SOPA/PIPA when nobody would have heard or cared to hear or listen to the problem so for that thank you Wikipedia, Redit, Minecraft (my son loves your game BTW!), Google, and every other site that blacked out for SOPA!

Today I had to go to school and meet with my daughter’s math teacher …… 😦 I get there go to the office and I tell the woman behind the desk I’m here to see Miss *** she says OK, what time? So I show her the paper, she says OK, I’ll call her and tell her you are here …… goes to the phone …… I can hear her talking to the teacher, “No, I’m pretty sure it said 1:15-2:15 on the paper” ….. “um OK hold on ….” The lady comes and gets the paper, brings it back over to the phone and says “yeah it says right here 1:15-2:15 please come meet me …… OK …. ok …..ok”. I’m sitting there like WTF? They sent the paper home last week saying if I DIDN’T go today my daughter would be suspended, I was there right at 1:15 …. so the lady comes back and says the teacher made a mistake on the paper, but she will be out to see you in a min, just sit there.

Whew …… was relieved I didn’t have to go back to school on another day!!! The teacher comes in and tells me my daughter isn’t doing her homework, that she looks lost in class, she is failing math! This surprises me, last year she did so well, she was in the BETA Club!!! She got A’s and B’s last year, on the Honor Roll, but last year she was in elementary school, this year she started the …… dreaded Middle School ….. 😦 I tell the teacher this and she said “I just don’t see that” ….. WTH?? LOL

So the teacher and I discuss ways to help her improve, I really don’t know what t do, she tells me she “gets” the math and when I try to show her something she tells me she knows it already!! So from now on I have to sign her homework and she is starting tutoring every Thursday till her grades pick up or the end of the year, whichever comes first 🙂