Why I hate SOPA/PIPA, and why you should too!

What is SOPA?  What is PIPA?

SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. PIPA stands for Protect IP Act

Why are these bills so bad?

They are horrible!! They will be able to shut down any site that they seem to think breaks the law against piracy. Do I think this will stop people from pirating things? Hell NO it will not stop anyone from downloading the game they want or the music etc that they want, this will only serve to block the American people from accessing these sites. It has great intentions to block Americans from accessing offshore websites that provide illegal downloads to millions all over the world, but it is not going to stop there. They can also stop Americans for accessing pages made by and in America!

The reason this bill is so horrible is, because say someone goes to an American run and owned website, it doesn’t even matter what the website is about, if there is a place where the public can post anything and someone posts a link to an illegal download place to download a book or something like that, the government would then be able to shut off the ENTIRE NATION’S access to that website!! Does this mean that Twitter could be shut down if someone on Twitter posts a link to “circumvent” this bill, YES it does!!!

We as American’s have to right to freedom of speech, and the right to read things that are not produced in America, this bill would put a “firewall” over America and it would infringe upon those rights!

SOPA/PIPA Copyright Bills Also Target American Sites

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These are just some sites speaking out about SOPA/PIPA, but notice how you won’t see mention of this bill on the Nightly news!!!  So what can you do if you are American?

You can contact your representative in the House and Senate, you can also sign this online petition! They are voting on this bill on January 23 I think, so please let your voice be heard!

Stop American Censorship!

or here

We the People, VETO SOPA

We need to stop this bill from passing, so ALL of us can continue to enjoy freedom of speech, that is our constitutional right!


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