Is something changing? Lots of Whale News!

Is something on Earth changing? Why are all the whales getting lost or beached? I have noticed several stories in the past couple days all about whales that usually don’t show up somewhere showing up there, or whales beaching themselves.

Humpback whales are common around the islands of Hawaii this time of year but the last time humpback whales showed up in the Honolulu harbor was back in the mid 1990s. So you can understand the surprise and amazement when workers at pier 30 saw two humpback whales surfacing right alongside their tug boat. An adult and a smaller juvenile humpback were side by side.

New Zealand:

Around seventy pilot whales have beached on Farewell Spit near Nelson.

Late last night one animal stranded, and then re-floated itself.

South Cali:

Dana Point made national headlines on Tuesday as whale watchers aboard boats from Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari and the Ocean Institute all reported a rare sighting of a pod of 10 to 12 killer whales (Orcas) hunting just off the coast of Dana Point.


Humpback whales follow boat for days, VIDEO Baltimore MD:
Grey whales arrive early and in record numbers in San Diego VIDEO:
BOSTONBoaters are being warned to be on the lookout for rare right whales after several were spotted off the Massachusetts coast.The NOAA warning comes after right whales were spotted off Jeffries Point near Cape Ann.
So as you can see all these odd whale sightings and happenings are all from roughly the same time! There are all different species of whales mentioned in these articles. I wonder what do they know that we don’t and why they are acting strange? I wonder are they trying to escape all the radiation coming from Japan? Or what is it exactly, they are running from? or are they running at all? Whales rely on the polar directions for their movement, is the North Pole moving?
I think animals can be important indicators of things to come, and I suggest we keep watching them.