First Post of The New Year!!

Woooooo! So this is my first post of the New Year and I hate that it is about C**** A******!!!!!

So apparently she has released a new video and it is all the buzz <rolls eyes> She was even a trending topic on Twitter today. Most people are saying stuff like that bitch must die, or that stupid cunt killed her baby, and other various things like that. LOL While I agree with those facts, I just have to ask why say anything at all? Using her name in a tweet or in anything at all only gives her more of what she wants! ATTENTION!!! So please just stop!

I know she sucks, she is stupid she is many other things that I’m not going to say here and she should be rotting in a jail cell right now, but she’s not …… she’s free. I say so what?? Who cares what the bitch has to say about any given subject? I say let her live her miserable little life wherever she plans to live it.

I hope she doesn’t make a penny off of any of the plans she has come up with. Cause you know she is behind this video release! How could anyone get it if she didn’t give it to them?

I say let her say whatever she wants to say just ignore her, and I bet places like HLN and CNN will get the drift when you change the channel, and will stop airing any sort of Baby Killer news! I saw the video heard her voice knew it was her, and didn’t listen to the rest of it, because I really don’t care what she has to say!!

Whew ….. now that that rant is over with, I hope everyone had a good New Year!


2 thoughts on “First Post of The New Year!!

  1. Standing Ovation. There is a huge difference with following a case of interest and totally obsessing about one person. Yeah, she sucks. The system sucks sometimes. It is 2012 and there are more missing children than ever. Several missing Mothers also. Why not take all that energy and hatred and move on to something positive? Kind of like Mark Klaaus, Elizabeth Smart, Tim Miller and John Walsh did. This continued hatred is what makes evil people like Casey Anthony able to do what they do. She wins again. Just my 2 cents

    • ITA it’s crazy and she got just what she wanted, everybody is talking all about her now! I had her name written in up there but decided to star it out, just so she doesn’t win again!! I was also going to use a picture from her video, but decided against that, cause she would win. I used a picture of Caylee because she is no longer here, and because that’s the reason she is “inFamous” in the first place! And you are right all of that hatred could do a lot of good if it was used in a different way!!

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