Aliahna Lemmon

Today I’m going to write about this little girl again, because this case is so sad, and unbelievable! First of all I’d like to say I really don’t want to speak ill of the mother, but plenty of this story doesn’t add up until you look at the mother in a ………. well not so good light.

Since I wrote about Aliahna the other day I have learned a few disturbing things, things that can’t be explained.

  • Why would Aliahna’s mom choose to live in a trailer park that was Sex Offender friendly? There were 15 registered sex offenders living in that trailer park of 24 homes!

So they say she moved there to help take care of her father, why would she need to be there to take care her father when Michael Plumadore was living with him in order to take care of him. Why would you put your three young girls in a place where they very likely would/could get abused? And why would you move to help take care of your grandfather who had previously abused children? Also why would you accept the word of your ex-con/child molesting grandfather that the guy who your children were calling “Uncle Mike” was a trustworthy guy who wasn’t going to hurt your kids?!!!

  • Aliahna had previously been abused!

Aliahna’s stepgrandfather said at a candlelight vigil Monday that the girl suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder brought by abuse she suffered on two different occasions last year in Iowa. Story said the people who were responsible were caught by police, but he had no other details.

He said Aliahna felt bad about telling on the men because she didn’t want them to get in trouble. Aliahna also had a history of sleepwalking and vision and hearing problems and had attention-deficit hyperactive disorder, her family said.

The Journal Gazette

I would think especially after having a child who was abused previously, one would do everything in their power to make sure it didn’t happen again!! A simple background check on Michael Plumadore would have proved life saving for this little girl, had her mother actually done it.

  • Why would any 40 year old man volunteer to take care of three little girls for a week? Why would you, being the children’s mother even ask the guy to watch the kids? Sick or not there was no reason for it!

Why wouldn’t a mother question what was in it for him? I can’t imagine leaving my little girl at a man’s house for a week!!

  • Where were the other two children, when Aliahna and the girls were staying with this guy?

Where the other children little boys? If so …. I think this could be something far more sinister!! I don’t know why one would have to send their little girls to be cared for by a 40 year old man, but they are perfectly able to take care of their two boys!!!!!

I just can’t for the life of my understand why a mother would send her children to go live somewhere for a week, especially if she didn’t really know the guy who they were living with. It seems the flu is a lot worse this year than other years, cause I can’t understand why she couldn’t take care of her kids while she had it! Also does anyone know why she was/is temporarily paralyzed? Now the mother is cleaning out the house of all of Aliahna’s things! I can’t imagine that!! The child isn’t even buried yet, but she can’t bear to look at her things anymore?? What?? You gave your children away for a week, but now that one of them is dead you can’t handle to look at her things!

I’m sorry this story is just so sad, for all involved. I do hope the police department is looking further into why the girls were staying with this guy, and that they are insuring that the younger girls are safe. The details emerging about this case are horrific. 😦

Also I do hope they go through all of what the family “can’t look at” anymore!  The family is asking for donations to help cover counseling, I wonder if little Aliahna ever got counseling for the abuse she was a victim to?

RIP Aliahna Lemmon, and it’s sad to say but you are in a better place today 😦


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