RIP Aliahna Lemmon

This case I just read about today, and I have to say it is very sad!

The little girl was reported missing on Friday December 22, 2011, and Monday they found her body. Her neighbor who they say had been watching Aliahna and her two sisters for about a week, admitted to killing her, then dismembering her. He said he repeatedly struck her with a brick, then he cut off her head, hands and feet and stuffed them in his freezer, then he cut up the rest of her with a hacksaw, and hid the body parts in a nearby business.

Police had interviewed him twice before he was arrested, and on Monday they a arrested him after he admitted to killing the girl. The police who was working the case said he knew the story was not the truth, because he’s had 29 years of experience in the line of police work.

It is so very sad that this little girl had to be killed, I don’t understand why he would have killed her. Was she being bad and he lost it? I don’t know, but I hope he spends the rest of his life in jail, haunted by her memory.

This is the POS that killed her:

Michael Plumadore

Babysitter Michael Plumadore Allegedly Chopped Up Aliahna Lemmon With Hacksaw

Babysitter Beat Aliahna Lemmon With Brick, Dismembered Her, Affidavit Claims